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ADSI Is Partaking In The National ICT Summit 2013

Fortifying our ties with reputable government alliances and top-tier companies is always stable in the company’s trajectory. And to further build up our partnerships and app development faculty, ADSI is taking part in the National ICT Summit 2013. The event, which adheres to the theme “Inclusive ICT Towards A Smarter Philippines”, will be held at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria on the 25th and 26th of June, 2013.

The National ICT Summit will be hosted by the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO), Chief Information Officers Forum (CIOF), Chief Information Officers Forum Foundation (CIOFF), and a string of notable ICT sponsors, partners, and exhibitors including ADSI. The two-day event will serve as a culminating activity heralding the National ICT Month. Other major events that will take place in the summit include the launching of the e-Government Masterplan, a streamline of the iGovPhil Project, ICT Security Conference (headed by the CIOFF), and interactive forums.

The main program will welcome the presence of RP President Benigno Aquino III as he delivers the Keynote Address and other progressive schemes for the government. His Excellency will also foreground the presentation of the MITHI and the e-Government Portal, as well as the discussion of policies and agenda akin to the nation’s ICT industry.

The celebration of the National ICT Month will bring together an assembly of ICT confederates, CIOF members, LGUs, and representatives from private sectors among others. This event will serve as a podium for ADSI to set about their current and forthcoming products and services including the Intelligent Community Health Team (iCHT).

ADSI’s participation in this event hopes to fuel the foundation of the company and to foster their strategic partnerships to a greater extent. This event will open opportunities not only to the app innovator’s professional facility, but also to the country’s ICT progression.


Kabuddy: Unleash Your Child’s Music Prodigy Potential!

There’s something enchanting every time we see kids experiment with music. Isn’t it adorable whenever they sing out of tune, clap on some songs they aren’t familiar with, or bang on things as a drum? Indeed, the adorable factor is often off the charts. And in this contemporary world where technology can provide almost everything we need, why not help the little ones foster their musical journey? Sounds good, right?


In fact, the newly launched kiducational app by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. is constantly capturing the hearts of the many especially of those parents who wants their kiddos to experience the world of music. At the early age of your kids, engage them into an interactive musical app that will instantly turn their devices into a musical instrument. Without a doubt, it will definitely be more fun and entertaining for your little angels to learn anything correlated with music.

Even our Kabuddy is on the bandwagon to urge the kids to learn a variety of musical instruments through Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania. Whether your child is the future Beethoven or Mozart, or you’d just simply like to expose him or her to music, Kabuddy knows the right formula. Read the full article here.

Integrated with an educational element, this app designed for curious kids and parents alike will teach them about music in an easier and interactive way. Children can even practice notes with a couple of instruments for free and get to test their knowledge about music by answering a quiz. Some musical devices though doesn’t come for free, however, if you want your kids to try on some complex musical instruments right at their fingertips, you may avail them through in-app purchases– Great deal it is!

Join Maddie and Matt in this interactive musical app by getting Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on the Apple App Store for free and challenge your kids abilities by downloading the in-app purchases of more intricate musical instruments.

ADSI Taps Davao City for Business and R.U.S.H. App System Integration


Manila, Philippines— In pursuit of growth and potential partnership that aims to stimulate the Philippine tourism and economy, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.’s (ADSI) Managing Director Oliver Ian Atienza and Chairman of the Board Azhar Khan travelled to Davao City Investments and Promotions Center on April 29 to May 2, 2013 to inspect and discover new business prospects in the city.

ICT Davao President Bert Barriga, along with some representatives from the City Agricultural Office and Department of Trade and Industry in Davao, proudly discussed the city’s respectable governance and high public safety procedures to the ADSI team. At present, Davao City is also making a name as one of the finest investment destinations in the Philippines. Its opulent agriculture made them as one of the most sought-after business spots in the country. With this, both teams are now looking forward to pursuing ICT and IT-enabled Agricultural business projects that will be beneficial to both ends.

Apart from the agriculture and IT discussion, Mr. Atienza introduced to the Davao City representatives the R.U.S.H. (Responding to Urgency and Swift to Help) app. Davao is identified as the only city that uses the 911 system apart from the United States and Canada. Upon learning the immediate help that the app brings, Davao’s core team – Investment Promotions Specialist Ernest M. Tomas Jr., OIC – City Agriculturist Val Turtur, Davao’s Trade and Industry Development Specialist Lilia D. Silda, City Agriculturist Officer Nenita M. Delos Santos, and Torres Matunog Gevieso Montero & Associates’ Managing Partner Samuel R. Matunog – instantly showed interest to making the R.U.S.H. app a part of the command system in their place.

Meanwhile, some Davao City representatives are expected to visit ADSI’s headquarter on May 10 to further see the daily operations and facilities of the company and discuss the pending partnership and business ventures.

ADSI's Chairman of the Board Mr. Azhar Khan and Managing Director Mr. Oliver Ian Atienza with Davao City Private and Public leaders

ADSI’s Chairman of the Board Mr. Azhar Khan and Managing Director Mr. Oliver Ian Atienza with Davao City Private and Public leaders

The iPhone Mom: EnviroPop is a Catch!

A lot has been hooked by the addictive puzzle app that virtually saves the marine creatures. Not to mention, it is continuously surging in conquering the smartphones of our eco-friendly tech geeks. In fact, EnviroPop caught the attention of The iPhone Mom as it was featured on its Friday Findings.

The iPhone mom even approved it as a highly recommended app for kids as she stated, “If you would like to teach your children about underwater animals and how we can help keep them safe, be sure to check out EnviroPop!

Explore more about it here.


With just $0.99, you can participate in conserving our marine ecosystem through WWF-Philippines’ campaigns, a good catch for your smartphones, isn’t it?

Head on to the Apple App Store and download EnviroPop now!

Shekinah Joy Delights In CarCrazee!

It looks like another CarCrazee appreciator was totally engrossed by the application. The eighteen year old, freelance graphic & web designer, Shekinah Joy just posted about CarCrazee on her personal blog and even affirmed, “I am not a car enthusiast, but I find this app interesting and exciting.”

ADSI truly appreciates Shekinah Joy’s effort to appraise about our flagship car photo sharing application. Indeed, CarCrazee isn’t just for those who are passionate about cars but for those who also apprehends and gets the drift of the purpose of the app. Head over to her blog and see its full feature here.


Just like her, it seems like everyone’s excited for the Android version of the app. So, hold on to your seats Android users and wait for the arrival of this premier car photo sharing app right at your handsets.

Meanwhile, Apple users, what are you still waiting for? Join the bandwagon of those who are nuts about cars and get to experience the ride of your life. After all, CarCrazee is free!

ADSI’s Newest Venture With WWF-Philippines Pops On Gadgets Magazine

Shortly after the release of ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ philanthropic collaboration, EnviroPop is already paving the ground for do-gooder apps aiding the environment and endangered marine species.

EnviroPop is the first game application from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines). And together with the help from ADSI, the app’s aim to fund WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation programs  is reaching positive, albeit gradual, progression.

The app features sea creatures such as whale shark (butanding), sea cow (dugong), the clown fish, and other marine animals. The idea of the game is to save these sea creatures from the hazards that are threatening to harm them. The app’s full version is available now on the App Store for only $0.99. For every download of EnviroPop’s full version, proceeds will go directly to the marine conservation program of WWF-Philippines.

Let Gadgets Magazine enlighten you about the app that is serving a good cause to our environment. Read the full feature here.


Download EnviroPop now and turn yourself into an altruist willing to save nature and make a Happy Earth!

IDBuddy Spotted On Lifestyle Manila

IDBuddy was featured on Lifestyle Manila for its labor-saving purpose. Lifestyle Manila recommends IDBuddy for the typical working individual because it’s the app that can easily “give your bulky wallet a breather.” With the help from IDBuddy, users and hardworking folks can manage their IDs well and even leave some of those IDs at home. As long as you have a copy of your IDs stored on the ID Buddy app, all your simple dilemmas will be solved.

Click here to read more of Lifestyle Manila’s take on IDBuddy!


Huge thanks to Lifestyle Manila for featuring IDBuddy! Download the full version of IDBuddy now on the App Store, and the lite version on Google Play Store.