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The Maine Flair’s Mini Concert with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania

Parents want nothing but the best for their child. As early as possible, parents should be keen on their children’s interests – whether it’s about sports, dancing or singing, I guess parents should take note of it and try to develop what their children love doing. Their talent shouldn’t be ignored but instead, they should be enhanced and trained as much as we can because sooner or later, we’ll never know if this can lead them to a brighter future!

Well, if you’ve noticed that your kiddo is acting much like a little Taylor Swift or a little Justin Bieber, you need not to let this pass by without doing something about it! They may have this mannerism of humming, tapping anything like the drums or simply being musically inclined who can have a mini concert anytime soon!

“My dad told me that he would get me into piano lessons when I was younger. To make the long story short, I didn’t follow his advice. If that piano lesson pushed through, I could’ve been one of the greatest musicians in the Philippines—a girl can only dream. Unfortunately, that dream didn’t happen.” – The Maine Flair

If you and Maine share the same musical sentiments, it’s still not too late! AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. never fails to offer kids and kids at heart with such cool educational and entertaining applications that can be an alternative of our reality. Maddie and Matt is back with another addition to their series which is now dubbed as Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania!

Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania allows users to learn some information about the app such as Parts, History, Popular Artist and Try this Instrument. There are 21 available musical instruments, 8 of which are free and the rest are paid for only $0.99 each via in-app purchases. If you come to think of it, purchasing the paid instruments such as violin, electric guitar, cajon, etc. is still a great deal if your kids will learn the complex instruments too! Along with this, there’s a music quiz that will test how well did you enjoy and learn from the app. You can experience all of these with your child when you download it right away at the Apple App Store for free!

If you’re intrigued with Maine’s mini concert, you better read her full article here.

Maddie and Matt's Music Mania on The Maine Flair


ADSI’s Newest Venture With WWF-Philippines Pops On Gadgets Magazine

Shortly after the release of ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ philanthropic collaboration, EnviroPop is already paving the ground for do-gooder apps aiding the environment and endangered marine species.

EnviroPop is the first game application from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines). And together with the help from ADSI, the app’s aim to fund WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation programs  is reaching positive, albeit gradual, progression.

The app features sea creatures such as whale shark (butanding), sea cow (dugong), the clown fish, and other marine animals. The idea of the game is to save these sea creatures from the hazards that are threatening to harm them. The app’s full version is available now on the App Store for only $0.99. For every download of EnviroPop’s full version, proceeds will go directly to the marine conservation program of WWF-Philippines.

Let Gadgets Magazine enlighten you about the app that is serving a good cause to our environment. Read the full feature here.


Download EnviroPop now and turn yourself into an altruist willing to save nature and make a Happy Earth!

My First Alphabet of Good Manners and Values

We often see kids using computers, smartphones, iPads, and the like for they are of the right age group most likely engaged in today’s technology. These platforms have various advantages that can be either used as an avenue for entertainment or as a tool for education.

Maddie and Matt's A-Z's of Good Manners and Values

As one of the fastest growing app development companies in the Philippines, we have released our first educational app called Maddie and Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values for young boys and girls last summer of 2012. Continue reading