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Ju Got Served Makes Sweet Music with Maddie and Matt

Do you have an enthralling background or some fascinating stories related to playing musical instruments? Are you born and raised in a musically-inclined family? Has the idea of becoming a music rock star or knowing how to play any type of musical instrument served as a huge part of your life? “Yes, yes, and another yes”, says Ju Got Served.

Interestingly, Ju Got Served has loads of entertaining tales in connection to playing musical instruments and the field of music in general with her family. In fact, according to her ・..my family still drove us to at least try playing other musical instruments like the guitars, flute, and keyboard. I’ve known a bit about playing the guitar and the keyboard and I’m forever grateful to my family for allowing me to add sweet harmony to my childhood. Life is more fulfilling with nostalgic fanfare always trailing behind your maturity.・Indeed, music plays a vital role in our lives.

Good thing Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is here. This free iOS application is the latest installation in the Maddie and Matt’s series of educational and child-friendly applications. It is packed with 21 musical instruments, a multiple-question quiz, tons of informative details about the featured instruments, and a “try-it” feature. This app is designed to teach the kids how to play such musical tools and introduce them as well in the colorful world of music and arts.

Itching to know more details about Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania? Then, visit Ju Got Served’s page to read her complete review.

Music Mania - Ju Got Served

Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania offers eight musical instruments that you can try for free, while the remaining 13 musical tools can be downloaded for only $0.99 each. Download the app today! It’s definitely a must try!


Tales And Daydreams: Spread Harmony and Lovely Tunes with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania

The good-mannered siblings aren’t slowing down in distributing a fun learning experience. Maddie and Matt are back for an exciting musical learning experience. Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania empowers kids to start learning about different musical instruments in just one app.

“Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is a free kiducational app that aims to further improve your kids’ musical intelligence. It is packed with a variety of musical instruments-–ranging from wind, percussion, brass, string, up to electronic. The app also showcases a brief history, some notable musicians, and the different parts of the featured instruments. ” —  Jhen of Tales and Daydreams

By downloading the Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania, users will be given the convenience of choosing from different types of instruments. Eight instruments can be instantly used upon download, while some can be played with an in-app purchase of $0.99. Still fits within the parents’ budget, right?

Take time to read about Jhen’s plan on how to be a prodigy with the help of Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania. Download Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on your iPad and help your child develop into a concert artist.

Be a Music Genius with Maddie and Matt's Music Mania - Tales and Daydreams

The Little Green Playpen Supports EnviroPop

Another eco-friendly mom blogger cited ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ EnviroPop app as an effective device to raise awareness regarding the threatened sea animals. The Little Green Playpen’s Green Mama commends EnviroPop for being “a great tool to teach kids about protecting the environment and our sea life.”

EnviroPop aims to save marine animals that are vulnerable to extinction. One of these marine animals is the whale shark which faces danger due to habitat deterioration and over-fishing. People capture whale sharks for their meat and oil because it poses high demand on the international market. These acts are just some of the abusive practices that WWF-Philippines hopes to inhibit.

Click here to read more of Green Mama’s feature about EnviroPop app! We are thanking Green Mama for participating in this endeavor and for helping us spread the word!


Download EnviroPop on the App Store

EnviroPop’s “Pattie the Pawikan” Stars On Davao Mommy’s Blog

The Green Sea Turtle or the pawikan is one of the principal sea creatures which balances the marine ecosystem. As green sea turtles flip through sea grass, they help the naturally cropped plants to spread across the seabed. This particular activity of green sea turtles sow the natural habitat for other species underwater. The biotic interaction between sea animals and plants results to a healthy and productive marine turf which makes us, humans, eventually benefit from that underwater abundance. Aren’t the sea and the ocean a huge part of our livelihood and tourism?

Davao Mommy featured ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ gracious brainchild EnviroPop on her blog recently. She shared to her readers how we can contribute to our damaged aquatic environment through the app. Read her full feature here.


We are thanking Ms. Maan Laxa for supporting this environmental cause, and for being one with AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and WWF-Philippines.

We have too much time on our hands to engage ourselves in a good, charitable cause. Download EnviroPop on the App Store now and start doing your part!

A WAHM’s Buggy Life Advocates EnviroPop

The orange clownfish, as famous and endearing as they seem, are one of the many marine species that are being dubbed as “endangered.” Some of the reasons that threaten their existence are destruction of the coral reefs and over-harvesting. Because people recognize the clownfish now as the “Nemo fish”, marine theme parks and exhibits are capturing the clownfish for public spectacle. Ocean acidification is also one of the factors that greatly cause devastation to the habitat of the clownfish.

ADSI and WWF-Philippines brought EnviroPop to smart phone users to spread awareness and educate them about the endangered sea creatures. Through EnviroPop’s Enviropedia feature, people will be informed about the roles of sea creatures in the marine ecosystem.

Blogger Lexi Fernando from A WAHM’s Buggy Life is a self-proclaimed WWF supporter. And because Ms. Lexi believes in all the programs that WWF-Philippines has lined up for marine conservation, she supports the cause through promotion of EnviroPop. Read the feature of EnviroPop here, and like Ms. Lexi, start supporting this cause by downloading EnviroPop on the App Store now.



Vince Crispaul Talks EnviroPop

EnviroPop is making the rounds lately on different blog sites, and people are taking notice of the app’s good intentions.

Because the environmental application aims to conserve the marine biodiversity through app downloads, bloggers are becoming one with WWF-Philippines and ADSI in spreading the humanitarian effort. “I am Vince Crispaul” is one of the many blog sites who is supporting this environmental program.

With the help from Mrs. Dorry Tan (Vince Crispaul’s mother), the two are able to tackle the marine animals that are disappointingly facing extinction such as whale sharks and green sea turtles. These marine animals are being harmed because of marine pollutants and man’s own misconduct. Read the full feature of EnviroPop here and see how you can participate in this cause.


Join us in making this environmental campaign successful by downloading EnviroPop on the App Store now. For only $0.99 (which will go to WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation program), you’ll be able to save the marine animals even when you’re just sitting at home.

IDBuddy Gets The 5-Star Treatment From Applatter!

Our apps keep on impressing the Applatter team! Recently rated 5-stars from the considerate app reviewers was our 24/7 ID manager, IDBuddy! IDBuddy is certainly morphing into a great companion as more users see the functionality of the app.

Applatter‘s Jango Pearce sees IDBuddy’s alarm and storage features as “a reliable reminder of the most important stuff that you needed organized.” The site also admires IDBuddy’s advantage to the busy working people who often forget updating and renewing their IDs because of work engagements.


“IDBuddy might have been the most useful, most thoughtful, and single-handedly the most awesome buddy that I have met.” – Jango Pearce of Applatter
Experience having a cool app for id by downloading IDBuddy on the App Store now! A lite version is also available for Android users.