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Ju Got Served Makes Sweet Music with Maddie and Matt

Do you have an enthralling background or some fascinating stories related to playing musical instruments? Are you born and raised in a musically-inclined family? Has the idea of becoming a music rock star or knowing how to play any type of musical instrument served as a huge part of your life? “Yes, yes, and another yes”, says Ju Got Served.

Interestingly, Ju Got Served has loads of entertaining tales in connection to playing musical instruments and the field of music in general with her family. In fact, according to her ・..my family still drove us to at least try playing other musical instruments like the guitars, flute, and keyboard. I’ve known a bit about playing the guitar and the keyboard and I’m forever grateful to my family for allowing me to add sweet harmony to my childhood. Life is more fulfilling with nostalgic fanfare always trailing behind your maturity.・Indeed, music plays a vital role in our lives.

Good thing Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is here. This free iOS application is the latest installation in the Maddie and Matt’s series of educational and child-friendly applications. It is packed with 21 musical instruments, a multiple-question quiz, tons of informative details about the featured instruments, and a “try-it” feature. This app is designed to teach the kids how to play such musical tools and introduce them as well in the colorful world of music and arts.

Itching to know more details about Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania? Then, visit Ju Got Served’s page to read her complete review.

Music Mania - Ju Got Served

Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania offers eight musical instruments that you can try for free, while the remaining 13 musical tools can be downloaded for only $0.99 each. Download the app today! It’s definitely a must try!


Jam Out with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania

The popular duo of Maddie and Matt is now ready to conquer the music scene as AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. recently released an app that is an addition to their exceptional kiducational series.


Dubbed as Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania, this app teaches kids some basic information about the different musical instruments and allows them to explore more of it by playing on them digitally!

As early as their age, it’s better to give them a sense of appreciation about music. Allowing them to play musical instruments is vital in developing their memory as it stimulates their brain and thus can improve their cognitive skills. Furthermore, it can refine their time management and organizational skills. It can also relive their stress by fostering their self-expression.  Music is an art and just like an artist who can paint his/her emotions onto a canvas, a musician can as well play a piece with emotion.

 IMG_0765 IMG_0767

Harking back about Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania, this jam-packed app features basic tutorial about the different musical notes that may not be familiar with kids. It also includes the history and parts of several musical instruments and offers information about the notable artists that were popular in playing a specific musical instrument. But the experience isn’t just limited to that as kids can also play with the instruments by tapping, dragging and blowing into their gizmos.

IMG_0771 IMG_0774

There are around 21 musical instruments they can practice with the app. Some of them come for free while others are only available via in-app purchase. The free ones are the following:  acoustic guitar, banjo, xylophone, flute, saxophone, harmonica, clarinet, and classical piano. While the paid instruments that cost $0.99 each are the following: upright bass, violin, viola, electric guitar, ukulele, drums, bongos, cajon, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, organ, and bass guitar.

The app also provides a multiple-question quiz to challenge your kids’ familiarity about the different types of musical instruments.

It may seem tedious for some kiddos to learn music, but through this app you can encourage them to play on their favorite pop song or something that suits their fancy. Show off your kids’ magnificent talents by driving them to do well and help them master the art of music.

With a little gentle nudging, your kids might unleash their potential and who knows they might be the next musician to watch out for. That’s music to your ears!

Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is available on the Apple App Store for FREE.


Visit http://maddieandmatt.com/music-mania.html to know more about the app.

The iPhone Mom: EnviroPop is a Catch!

A lot has been hooked by the addictive puzzle app that virtually saves the marine creatures. Not to mention, it is continuously surging in conquering the smartphones of our eco-friendly tech geeks. In fact, EnviroPop caught the attention of The iPhone Mom as it was featured on its Friday Findings.

The iPhone mom even approved it as a highly recommended app for kids as she stated, “If you would like to teach your children about underwater animals and how we can help keep them safe, be sure to check out EnviroPop!

Explore more about it here.


With just $0.99, you can participate in conserving our marine ecosystem through WWF-Philippines’ campaigns, a good catch for your smartphones, isn’t it?

Head on to the Apple App Store and download EnviroPop now!

RJMarmol.com Talked About CarCrazee

CarCrazee, a social networking and photo sharing app where automobile enthusiasts congregate, just got featured on RJMarmol.com.

Your hub for the latest and greatest curated content on technology and iPhone app reviews scrutinized the app developed primarily for snap-happy car mod junkies.

Ms. RJ enthusiastically stated, “And in this crazy world of car customization, aren’t we all glad that there is an app for them? Yep, there is! Oh what a relief that the moment your near and dear starts chatting about this so and so model and make, mag sizes, paint jobs and turbo-charging, you can just throw them an iOS device loaded with this app and off they’d go to leave you in peace.

See her full review about CarCrazee here.


So what are you waiting for gearheads? Head on to the iTunes App Store and get CarCrazee for a whopping price of FREE!

Shekinah Joy Delights In CarCrazee!

It looks like another CarCrazee appreciator was totally engrossed by the application. The eighteen year old, freelance graphic & web designer, Shekinah Joy just posted about CarCrazee on her personal blog and even affirmed, “I am not a car enthusiast, but I find this app interesting and exciting.”

ADSI truly appreciates Shekinah Joy’s effort to appraise about our flagship car photo sharing application. Indeed, CarCrazee isn’t just for those who are passionate about cars but for those who also apprehends and gets the drift of the purpose of the app. Head over to her blog and see its full feature here.


Just like her, it seems like everyone’s excited for the Android version of the app. So, hold on to your seats Android users and wait for the arrival of this premier car photo sharing app right at your handsets.

Meanwhile, Apple users, what are you still waiting for? Join the bandwagon of those who are nuts about cars and get to experience the ride of your life. After all, CarCrazee is free!