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Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania: An Instrument For A Kid’s Development

ADSI is currently on the pursuit of instilling important learning to kids once again with the help from Maddie and Matt! This time, we’re doing it for beautiful, euphonious music!


As Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is released, the app development company is aiming to educate kids about musical instruments and their history. Music Mania hopes to teach kids fundamental information about a cluster of silver-toned musical instruments and the facts that follow them. Kids have a soft spot for music that appeals to their junior phase and songs that hold harmonious, relatable rhythm. As kids try their best to become their own Taylor Swifts and learn musical instruments, their self-esteem incredibly heightens and they learn to express themselves more.

When you’re a parent attending a school demo or other curricular activities, you want your kid to have the confidence and the ability to pronounce their passion and excitement as much as possible. Kids who possess a natural inclination to playing instruments look more contented and positive. Being able to play a single melodic piece tends to bring about a fulfillment to kids because it means that they have achieved something. And there is no other treasure more important for parents than the gift of learning that kids gather as they grow.

Music-Mania-by-ADSI-free-app-for-kids-3  Music-Mania-by-ADSI-free-app-for-kids-4

Music Mania aims to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, and social growth of every child. Being partially inclined to music allows kids to exercise their minds and advance their auditory development and language skills. When they are focused on what they’re doing, kids develop sharper forms of thinking as their brains connect to the sounds that they hear and memorize. Kids who share a certain passion for a musical instrument find a niche where he or she can play with other peers and share the same knowledge. I guess it is safe to conclude that music doesn’t only produce sweet-sounding harmony for the ears, but it also implants values and progress to kids during their early years.

Music Mania is free for every kid to enjoy. Through this educational app, kids can easily learn a lot about notes, trebles, different parts of Music-Mania-by-ADSI-free-app-for-kids-2different musical instruments, and the legends and musicians who are known to play certain instruments. Kids will be inspired and challenged to give free instruments a try and start making music for their enjoyment.

The in-app purchases will allow kids to learn more complex and theatrical instruments like the violin, bongos, drums, and organ. Another challenge in Music Mania is the app’s Quiz where kids can guess the correct answers to all questions relating to music.

All these wonderful musical experiences can be shared via Facebook. This will drive kids to encourage their friends to try the app so they can create magical music together.

The primary objective of all the apps from the Maddie and Matt series is to be instrumental in every child’s growth and learning process. With Music Mania being the latest app developed to shower kids with heaps of information, your kids will certainly be in tune to brighter things that await their curious years.

Download Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on the App Store now!


Maddie and Matt Visits My Other Nook

It’s summertime! Kids are free from school once again. Parents must be thinking of bringing their little ones in different places for sure-most likely the beach or province. However, we must secure the safety of everybody especially our children before we plan for a long trip.

In today’s technology based world, Applabs Digital Studios Inc. and KidApps Inc. thought of an activity that will equip the minds of little boys and girls from facing undesirable scenarios through modern innovation.

Known as Maddie and Matt’s Safe World, the free educational application contains interactive features that will teach and prepare kids in this world full of possible threats.

My Other Nook

Kids can now be safe whenever they go out. Thank you Ms. Michelle for being one with Maddie and Matt’s aim in educating kids the different safety techniques. Read My Other Nook’s complete post here.

Like Maddie and Matt’s Facebook page and follow their Twitter account for more updates. Have a safe trip this summer!

Ju Got Served: Maddie and Matt’s Safe World Is A Great Addition To The Edu-tainment Apps

It’s fulfilling to have bloggers recognize how Maddie and Matt’s Safe World can contribute to a child’s growth and general awareness towards the cruel twists of the real world. Parents strive hard to ensure their children’s welfare but it’s not going to be forever. Sooner or later, the fragile angels will have to learn how to face the outside world on their own while the anxious parents need to grasp the thought of letting go.

For this sympathetic blogger, kids who are so at ease with technology and comfort can still learn the knick and knacks of life by letting them play our free and educational mobile app.

“[Maddie and Matt’s Safe World] is just one of the few ways to educate your kids using the current and contemporary learning method. While the world never wears out of developing new things and technology each day, parents are free to take advantage of these modern novelties for their own kids’ benefit.”

jugotserved's Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth App Review

Click here to read the full review on Ju Got Served. And do check out Maddie and Matt’s Safe World in the AppStore now! It’s free and works perfectly well on iPads.

AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. Works On Teaching Kids Basic Safety Measures

Opening news sites and reading information on Twitter everyday can be brutally perplexing for me because of the unforgiving coverage about minors and how the media rabidly treat them. I don’t want to be insensitive and mention further what could be the harshest news report in the history concerning the recent case in Connecticut but with everything that’s going on with the social media right now, it’s hard to just sit and ignore. I am often left wandering about the little ones in our family. No matter how much we tell them the 411 when it comes to being on their own at school or at the playground, the world still cannot be trusted.

As much as possible, I try to tell the grown-ups in my family the recent happenings that greet me every time I’m online. I just want to let them know that savages are out there working on new vicious modi operandi by the hour. That’s not exactly the kind of news that grown-ups would like to hear from someone like me—a curious vicenarian, but still, it’s nice to have them informed. Though I’m aware that they are plenty informed what with the news slapping them with vile threats of danger towards kids everyday.


There really is no solution to stop the violence and these dangerous situations from occurring. And I noticed that one of the reasons might have something to do with the fact that kids these days are too preoccupied with the advancements available in the new world to even care about the potential perils. But just because there is no way to make a wholly safe world means that there are no aids or ways to minimize it. One of the easy solutions I found might lie in these modern advancements or gadgets available today.

Maddie and Matt’s Safe World, the newest educational application joining the Maddie and Matt franchise that we recently released, works on teaching kids basic safety guidelines when they are facing possibly dangerous situations. The app is interactive so getting kids to visualize what they must do when one of these situations happen is easy. Maddie and Matt’s Safe World is a far cry from the usual gun-and-zombie-inundated-apps because aside from the informative storytelling about a day in the life Maddie and Matt, the app also features mini games and activities that will leave your kids aware and educated. Continue reading