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Tales And Daydreams: Spread Harmony and Lovely Tunes with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania

The good-mannered siblings aren’t slowing down in distributing a fun learning experience. Maddie and Matt are back for an exciting musical learning experience. Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania empowers kids to start learning about different musical instruments in just one app.

“Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is a free kiducational app that aims to further improve your kids’ musical intelligence. It is packed with a variety of musical instruments-–ranging from wind, percussion, brass, string, up to electronic. The app also showcases a brief history, some notable musicians, and the different parts of the featured instruments. ” —  Jhen of Tales and Daydreams

By downloading the Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania, users will be given the convenience of choosing from different types of instruments. Eight instruments can be instantly used upon download, while some can be played with an in-app purchase of $0.99. Still fits within the parents’ budget, right?

Take time to read about Jhen’s plan on how to be a prodigy with the help of Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania. Download Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on your iPad and help your child develop into a concert artist.

Be a Music Genius with Maddie and Matt's Music Mania - Tales and Daydreams


Handy Music Lessons with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania


Maddie and Matt are ready to blow you away as they are back for an adorable concert experience. Who says only the big stars can have a concert? Even the kids can do it—with the right instruments and proper training, anything is possible. No, we’re not talking about expensive music schools. We have Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania as the answer to your training needs.

Everyone can learn different types of musical instruments. Learning isn’t limited, that is why Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania provided 21 musical instruments to choose from. That way, users can pick different instruments that they fancy without breaking the bank. No need to enroll in a posh music school. Maddie and Matt will take charge of your music lessons.


Each instrument contains a profile tab showing all the vital information: history, famous people, and parts of the musical instrument. The users will not only learn how to use it, but also grasp a comprehensive source of information of the musical instrument. An in-app quiz is also offered to test if the users really soaked up the information fed by Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania.


It is wise to let kids learn how to make music at a young age. Talent is not the only thing that will blossom when one knows how to play an instrument. It will let them recognize the positive effects of music: an outlet for emotions and to express one’s individuality.

Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania doesn’t only cater to the kids, but also to the adults who are yearning to have musical lessons in an app. The lovable siblings are eager to teach anyone who wants to learn how to play any musical instrument. Just download Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania to start your music lessons in an instant.

Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania: Learning Music the Digital Way

Presenting AppLabs Digital Studios Inc’s newest baby, the Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania.

Music Mania 1

What is Music Mania?
Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is the latest installation in the Maddie and Matt’s series of entertaining and educational applications. It’s an iOS app that teaches kids some basic information about musical instruments and provides a simple yet engaging feature that will give its users a chance to play their desired instruments.

Who can use Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania?
This app is specifically designed to youngsters ages five to ten. But, interested adults and frustrated musicians can definitely try this one as well. In simpler terms, Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is perfect for people of all ages who want to improve their knack and knowledge in the field of music.

What are the instruments featured in this app?
Music Mania is composed of 21 musical instruments; 8 of which are already made available for free while the remaining 13 have to be purchased first for only $0.99 each. The free instruments are as follows: acoustic guitar, banjo, xylophone, flute, saxophone, harmonica, clarinet, and classical piano. The paid instruments, on the other hand, are: bass guitar, organ, keyboard, trombone, trumpet, cajon, bongos, drums, ukulele, electric guitar, viola, violin, and upright bass.

What makes this app unique from the other musical inspired applications?
Unlike the other applications, Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania not only features a number of instruments but offers loads of informative content as well. The app contains short histories, notable and popular artists for each instrument, animated graphics with detailed parts, and a quick access to the instruments so users can try them virtually. In addition to that, it also has a multiple-question quiz that will surely challenge its users. With that in mind, here’s my simple friendly advice: Make sure to read all the details carefully and pay attention to every information you’ll discover in order to pass the quiz with flying colors.

Is Music Mania worth the try?
Definitely YES! Learning musical instruments the digital way is not so surprising anymore since we have technology in our hands already. AppLabs Digital Studios Inc., however, made sure to use the innovation that we’re enjoying right now in a good way—something that will certainly be beneficial to the public and make lives better. Indeed, Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is the perfect app to use to introduce your children to the kaleidoscopic world of music. With this app, you and your kids can now easily play random musical instruments anytime and anywhere.

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Wait no more, install Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on your iOS device today for free.

The Maine Flair Suggests Maddie and Matt’s Safe World

Just like luck, accidents can pretty much target anybody. In Maine’s story about the multiple stressful events in her life that she and her family had surpassed, it is evident that during those moments, peace of mind is the number one defense for yourself. Sure, there are people who’s fortunate enough to be born with a certain kind of calmness in them but then, who can make sure that your kids will grow up knowing the right reactions to potentially dangerous scenarios?

Good thing AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. developed an application called Maddie and Matt’s Safe World that can teach children all the right stuff when they start to go about on their own. The app is equipped with an interactive story book and mini games that’s packed with knowledge and fun!

Read Maine’s full post here and see how fun and effective the app is in making the little ones aware of what can happen to them and what’s the right thing to do when the time comes.

themaineflair features maddie and matt's safe world

Ara: “Download Maddie & Matt’s Safe World”

Safety is and will always be our primary concern. It is innate for us to protect ourselves and our loved ones, especially our little darlings who don’t know how to fend themselves yet. But in reality, we can’t protect everyone all the time. Good thing, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. created an app that will teach us some safety precautions when dealing with potentially dangerous situations. Presenting Maddie & Matt’s Safe World.

Maddie & Matt’s Safe World, a free educational iOS app, is packed with important lessons in personal safety. It has an interactive comic book, loads of engaging mini games, and an informative quiz.

Maybe this time you’re asking the query: “Why should I download this app?” Simply because, just like what Ara noted on her blog post: “… kids will eventually grow up and will have to face the world on their own.”

Ara Santiago Safe World App Review

To read the rest of Ara’s notes on Safe World, click here.

Ju Got Served: Maddie and Matt’s Safe World Is A Great Addition To The Edu-tainment Apps

It’s fulfilling to have bloggers recognize how Maddie and Matt’s Safe World can contribute to a child’s growth and general awareness towards the cruel twists of the real world. Parents strive hard to ensure their children’s welfare but it’s not going to be forever. Sooner or later, the fragile angels will have to learn how to face the outside world on their own while the anxious parents need to grasp the thought of letting go.

For this sympathetic blogger, kids who are so at ease with technology and comfort can still learn the knick and knacks of life by letting them play our free and educational mobile app.

“[Maddie and Matt’s Safe World] is just one of the few ways to educate your kids using the current and contemporary learning method. While the world never wears out of developing new things and technology each day, parents are free to take advantage of these modern novelties for their own kids’ benefit.”

jugotserved's Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth App Review

Click here to read the full review on Ju Got Served. And do check out Maddie and Matt’s Safe World in the AppStore now! It’s free and works perfectly well on iPads.

The Queen Bee Loves Maddie and Matt’s Safe World

Queenbeedazzled has spoken yet again! She had featured CarCrazee—our flagship app for those who are nuts about automobiles—before and now, she’s talking about Maddie and Matt’s Safe World! Ain’t that swell? Another young blogger who acknowledged our educational app’s features and worth. She had pointed out that parents won’t always be there to hold the hand of their children so making them learn safety precautions with the use of a graphically advanced app is a good way to go!

The app is available in the AppStore for free and it’s compatible on iPads. Read Queenbeedazzled’s full review on Maddie and Matt’s Safe World and learn that you can utilize it as a “tool to instill the precautions that children need to know in times of trouble!”

Queenbeedazzled's Safe World Review