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Tales And Daydreams: Spread Harmony and Lovely Tunes with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania

The good-mannered siblings aren’t slowing down in distributing a fun learning experience. Maddie and Matt are back for an exciting musical learning experience. Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania empowers kids to start learning about different musical instruments in just one app.

“Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is a free kiducational app that aims to further improve your kids’ musical intelligence. It is packed with a variety of musical instruments-–ranging from wind, percussion, brass, string, up to electronic. The app also showcases a brief history, some notable musicians, and the different parts of the featured instruments. ” —  Jhen of Tales and Daydreams

By downloading the Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania, users will be given the convenience of choosing from different types of instruments. Eight instruments can be instantly used upon download, while some can be played with an in-app purchase of $0.99. Still fits within the parents’ budget, right?

Take time to read about Jhen’s plan on how to be a prodigy with the help of Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania. Download Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on your iPad and help your child develop into a concert artist.

Be a Music Genius with Maddie and Matt's Music Mania - Tales and Daydreams


ADSI Is Partaking In The National ICT Summit 2013

Fortifying our ties with reputable government alliances and top-tier companies is always stable in the company’s trajectory. And to further build up our partnerships and app development faculty, ADSI is taking part in the National ICT Summit 2013. The event, which adheres to the theme “Inclusive ICT Towards A Smarter Philippines”, will be held at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria on the 25th and 26th of June, 2013.

The National ICT Summit will be hosted by the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO), Chief Information Officers Forum (CIOF), Chief Information Officers Forum Foundation (CIOFF), and a string of notable ICT sponsors, partners, and exhibitors including ADSI. The two-day event will serve as a culminating activity heralding the National ICT Month. Other major events that will take place in the summit include the launching of the e-Government Masterplan, a streamline of the iGovPhil Project, ICT Security Conference (headed by the CIOFF), and interactive forums.

The main program will welcome the presence of RP President Benigno Aquino III as he delivers the Keynote Address and other progressive schemes for the government. His Excellency will also foreground the presentation of the MITHI and the e-Government Portal, as well as the discussion of policies and agenda akin to the nation’s ICT industry.

The celebration of the National ICT Month will bring together an assembly of ICT confederates, CIOF members, LGUs, and representatives from private sectors among others. This event will serve as a podium for ADSI to set about their current and forthcoming products and services including the Intelligent Community Health Team (iCHT).

ADSI’s participation in this event hopes to fuel the foundation of the company and to foster their strategic partnerships to a greater extent. This event will open opportunities not only to the app innovator’s professional facility, but also to the country’s ICT progression.

Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania: An Instrument For A Kid’s Development

ADSI is currently on the pursuit of instilling important learning to kids once again with the help from Maddie and Matt! This time, we’re doing it for beautiful, euphonious music!


As Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is released, the app development company is aiming to educate kids about musical instruments and their history. Music Mania hopes to teach kids fundamental information about a cluster of silver-toned musical instruments and the facts that follow them. Kids have a soft spot for music that appeals to their junior phase and songs that hold harmonious, relatable rhythm. As kids try their best to become their own Taylor Swifts and learn musical instruments, their self-esteem incredibly heightens and they learn to express themselves more.

When you’re a parent attending a school demo or other curricular activities, you want your kid to have the confidence and the ability to pronounce their passion and excitement as much as possible. Kids who possess a natural inclination to playing instruments look more contented and positive. Being able to play a single melodic piece tends to bring about a fulfillment to kids because it means that they have achieved something. And there is no other treasure more important for parents than the gift of learning that kids gather as they grow.

Music-Mania-by-ADSI-free-app-for-kids-3  Music-Mania-by-ADSI-free-app-for-kids-4

Music Mania aims to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, and social growth of every child. Being partially inclined to music allows kids to exercise their minds and advance their auditory development and language skills. When they are focused on what they’re doing, kids develop sharper forms of thinking as their brains connect to the sounds that they hear and memorize. Kids who share a certain passion for a musical instrument find a niche where he or she can play with other peers and share the same knowledge. I guess it is safe to conclude that music doesn’t only produce sweet-sounding harmony for the ears, but it also implants values and progress to kids during their early years.

Music Mania is free for every kid to enjoy. Through this educational app, kids can easily learn a lot about notes, trebles, different parts of Music-Mania-by-ADSI-free-app-for-kids-2different musical instruments, and the legends and musicians who are known to play certain instruments. Kids will be inspired and challenged to give free instruments a try and start making music for their enjoyment.

The in-app purchases will allow kids to learn more complex and theatrical instruments like the violin, bongos, drums, and organ. Another challenge in Music Mania is the app’s Quiz where kids can guess the correct answers to all questions relating to music.

All these wonderful musical experiences can be shared via Facebook. This will drive kids to encourage their friends to try the app so they can create magical music together.

The primary objective of all the apps from the Maddie and Matt series is to be instrumental in every child’s growth and learning process. With Music Mania being the latest app developed to shower kids with heaps of information, your kids will certainly be in tune to brighter things that await their curious years.

Download Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on the App Store now!

The Little Green Playpen Supports EnviroPop

Another eco-friendly mom blogger cited ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ EnviroPop app as an effective device to raise awareness regarding the threatened sea animals. The Little Green Playpen’s Green Mama commends EnviroPop for being “a great tool to teach kids about protecting the environment and our sea life.”

EnviroPop aims to save marine animals that are vulnerable to extinction. One of these marine animals is the whale shark which faces danger due to habitat deterioration and over-fishing. People capture whale sharks for their meat and oil because it poses high demand on the international market. These acts are just some of the abusive practices that WWF-Philippines hopes to inhibit.

Click here to read more of Green Mama’s feature about EnviroPop app! We are thanking Green Mama for participating in this endeavor and for helping us spread the word!


Download EnviroPop on the App Store

Greenkick Says “Green Your Gaming With EnviroPop!”

There are a number of marine species that need major attention because they are facing great risk of extinction in the wild. One marine animal that is quite vulnerable to extinction is the sea cow, also commonly known as the dugong.

The dugong faces a large threat of being nearly extinct because people hunt them down for their oil and meat. Also, because these herbivorous animals depend solely on sea grass for their sustenance, the degradation of submerged plantation affects their feeding habit. Their slow reproduction rate adds to the reasons why these underwater wonders might be wiped out soon if people continue to neglect their kind.

The protection and preservation of the dugong is on WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation slate, and together with the help from ADSI, getting this safeguarding program funded will soon be achieved. ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ EnviroPop app promises to aid the alarming condition of our marine biodiversity. Joining this environmental advocacy is Ms. Michele Partridge of green blog Greenkick! We are thanking Ms. Michele for advocating an environmental app and for being a part of this endeavor. Read her full feature here.


Download EnviroPop on the App Store now and start greening your gaming while also saving the marine animals!

Dolphins Star In NurturingtheNaturalMama’s EnviroPop Feature!

Dolphins make for a wonderful sight to humans when they are trailing passenger ships and boats. They bring a natural pageantry to the ocean every time they swim behind sailing cargo liner. Sometimes, they even miraculously save lives.

The wonder in watching dolphins stream through the ocean might be hampered soon because these cetacean species are close to facing extinction now. Because trawlers are out in the sea open catching and milking every bit of marine species available there, dolphins are being harmed and bruised when they are trapped inside trawl nets. Another hazard that damages the lives of dolphins are marine pollutants like cyanide and oil spill because they affect the dolphins’ speed and poison their health.

Ms. Theresa Sirois of NurturingtheNaturalMama featured EnviroPop on her blog and she shared to her readers how you can save the lives of the gleeful dolphins through ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ EnviroPop app. We are thanking Ms. Theresa for featuring and believing in the aims of EnviroPop to save the marine biodiversity. Click here to read the rest of the feature.


Download EnviroPop on the App Store

ADSI in the March Issue of Gadgets Magazine!

This is very cool!

AppLabs Digital Studios has recently been featured in one of the top tech magazines of the Philippines. The feature recognizes ADSI co-founder Oliver Ian Atienza’s efforts in bringing the Maddie & Matt educational app series to the mobile app market.

Grab you copy of the latest Gadgets magazine today and check out Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners & Values, Maddie & Matt’s Happy Earth and Maddie & Matt’s Safe World. Better yet, just visit the App Store and Google Play to download the free apps for your kids!

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