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Tales And Daydreams: Spread Harmony and Lovely Tunes with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania

The good-mannered siblings aren’t slowing down in distributing a fun learning experience. Maddie and Matt are back for an exciting musical learning experience. Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania empowers kids to start learning about different musical instruments in just one app.

“Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is a free kiducational app that aims to further improve your kids’ musical intelligence. It is packed with a variety of musical instruments-–ranging from wind, percussion, brass, string, up to electronic. The app also showcases a brief history, some notable musicians, and the different parts of the featured instruments. ” —  Jhen of Tales and Daydreams

By downloading the Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania, users will be given the convenience of choosing from different types of instruments. Eight instruments can be instantly used upon download, while some can be played with an in-app purchase of $0.99. Still fits within the parents’ budget, right?

Take time to read about Jhen’s plan on how to be a prodigy with the help of Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania. Download Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on your iPad and help your child develop into a concert artist.

Be a Music Genius with Maddie and Matt's Music Mania - Tales and Daydreams


The Capricious Club Supports EnviroPop

Nature’s problems cannot be resolved on its own. Mother Nature is need of our compassionate hearts and helping hands now that it is at risk of annihilation.

Further damage can be avoided if we act fast. However, not everyone have the luxury of time to volunteer in cleaning up the impaired elements. WWF-Philippines heard your concerns so they’ve added a bonus that you’ll surely enjoy.  By downloading EnviroPop from the App Store for $0.99, users will be able to share a favorable amount to help save the marine biodiversity of the Philippines. You’ll get to learn through the Enviropedia, play with the EnviroPop characters, while contributing to WWF-Philippines.

By telling your friends to download the app, you are helping spread word of this earth-friendly advocacy app. Helping us gather numerous downloads to save our marine treasures is one of the country’s top fashion blogger, Bestie Konisis. Chi-chi and friends were thrilled that Bestie helped them shape up their homes for a better marine biodiversity.

EnviroPop- The Capricious Club

Click here to see what Bestie posted on her blog.

Dolphins Star In NurturingtheNaturalMama’s EnviroPop Feature!

Dolphins make for a wonderful sight to humans when they are trailing passenger ships and boats. They bring a natural pageantry to the ocean every time they swim behind sailing cargo liner. Sometimes, they even miraculously save lives.

The wonder in watching dolphins stream through the ocean might be hampered soon because these cetacean species are close to facing extinction now. Because trawlers are out in the sea open catching and milking every bit of marine species available there, dolphins are being harmed and bruised when they are trapped inside trawl nets. Another hazard that damages the lives of dolphins are marine pollutants like cyanide and oil spill because they affect the dolphins’ speed and poison their health.

Ms. Theresa Sirois of NurturingtheNaturalMama featured EnviroPop on her blog and she shared to her readers how you can save the lives of the gleeful dolphins through ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ EnviroPop app. We are thanking Ms. Theresa for featuring and believing in the aims of EnviroPop to save the marine biodiversity. Click here to read the rest of the feature.


Download EnviroPop on the App Store

EnviroPop Swims To The Swirls and Scribbles Blog

Aby, the blogger/”scribbler” behind the Swirls and Scribbles blog was smitten by EnviroPop’s gameplay and mission in nurturing the marine biodiversity. She revealed the details of the EnviroPop app to her readers to spread word about its desire to restore the nature’s wonders. With one EnviroPop app download from the App Store, we can have fun alongside our participation in caring for our planet.

Numerous iOS have given their donations just by simply downloading from the App Store, but what about the Android users? Leave all your worries behind as EnviroPop will swim to your Android phones soon. Chi-Chi the Panda and friends are excited to play with you so watch out for it!

“I can’t wait for it! I will download it as soon as possible at the same time I can also help the endangered species and the planet earth.”Aby; Swirls and Scribbles

Download Enviropop App To Help WWF-Philippines ~ Swirls and Scribbles - the mysteries of her world

For the meantime, let’s catch Aby’s thoughts about Enviropop by going to this page.

Help Save The Nature With The EnviroPop App

The unfortunate incident in Tubbataha Reef, Palawan created a huge rave all over the world. Due to miscalculation, damage was caused to the internationally recognized wonder of nature. People have voiced out their yearnings to take part in refurbishing Tubbataha Reef. Now, with the help of the EnviroPop app, you can contribute in saving the marine gems while having fun in a time-pressure game.

Of course all of us can’t go all the way to Palawan or Bicol to clean up the seas, that’s why WWF will do that for us through this app. In order for WWF to go to the homes of our sea friends, we all have to help them by downloading the full Enviropop app at just $0.99 (roughly Php40). ” –Lai; Hey It’s Lai.

Explore Lai’s thoughts on EnviroPop here.

Traffic buster - Street Thoughts

Help clean up the marine biodiversity by downloading the EnviroPop app from the App Store now.

EnviroPop Travels to India with The Tech Blog

EnviroPop has officially reached India– Chi-chi the Panda and friends were delighted as Utkarsh from The Tech Blog showed his support to EnviroPop all the way from India. EnviroPop is not your typical game app. Every purchase of EnviroPop for $0.99, enables users to help in minimizing the host of sea hazards that continues to destroy the natural habitat of Chi-chi’s undersea friends.

“It is a fun game where you just select the harmful items present in the sea and pass away your time. AppLabs Digital Studios has designed the characters with a great set of detail thus ensuring that you never get bored while playing this game.” –The Tech Blog

The Tech Blog- Enviropop

Click here for The Tech Blog’s full review of EnviroPop.

GB-SB Tech Blog Supports EnviroPop

Chi-Chi and friends captured the heart of GB-SB Tech Blog– Gilbert, the man behind the GB-SB Tech Blog showed his utmost desire in rescuing the endangered species from the sea hazards by imparting EnviroPop to his readers.

“Guided by WWF’s (World Wide Fund’s) mission, this app offers a fun way of spreading awareness how to save and minimize threats to endangered marine life.” – GB-SB Tech Blog.

With the EnviroPop app, users will learn the effects of hazards to underwater creatures. Additionally, every purchase of EnviroPop full version (iOS) for $0.99 is a contribution to WWF-Philippines’ goal to saving the marine biodiversity.

EnviroPop for iOS, Android - Pinoy Made App to Save Endangered Marine Life - GbSb TEchBlog - Your Daily Pinoy Technology Blog

Thank you GB-SB Tech Blog, for participating in WWF-Philippines and Applabs Digital Studios’ aspiration to save the marine gems of the country.  Click here to read more on GB-SB Tech Blog’s EnviroPop feature.