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Tales And Daydreams: Spread Harmony and Lovely Tunes with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania

The good-mannered siblings aren’t slowing down in distributing a fun learning experience. Maddie and Matt are back for an exciting musical learning experience. Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania empowers kids to start learning about different musical instruments in just one app.

“Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania is a free kiducational app that aims to further improve your kids’ musical intelligence. It is packed with a variety of musical instruments-–ranging from wind, percussion, brass, string, up to electronic. The app also showcases a brief history, some notable musicians, and the different parts of the featured instruments. ” —  Jhen of Tales and Daydreams

By downloading the Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania, users will be given the convenience of choosing from different types of instruments. Eight instruments can be instantly used upon download, while some can be played with an in-app purchase of $0.99. Still fits within the parents’ budget, right?

Take time to read about Jhen’s plan on how to be a prodigy with the help of Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania. Download Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania on your iPad and help your child develop into a concert artist.

Be a Music Genius with Maddie and Matt's Music Mania - Tales and Daydreams


IDBuddy: Your Identity Inside Your Smartphones

Looking for a job is difficult. You may find one that suits you, but the crunch will not simply call off. The company will require heaps of documents before you start working for them– certificates, permits, and a number of identification cards. But, what if you left your IDs at home?

There is no need to rush home to fetch your IDs, there’s an IDBuddy app to assist you when an identity crisis kicks off. With IDBuddy, all of your identification cards will be securely kept inside your smartphones no matter where you go.

IDBuddy by Applabs Digital Studios is one of the best apps for today’s generation. It functions as a utility app that will help you carry a piece of your identity in just one touch of a button.” – Joyce; Emerald-Princess

Emerald Princess

Click here to check out the IDBuddy feature from Emerald-Princess.

Identity Crisis Solved With The IDBuddy App

Bringing an identification card is a must; you need to carry a proof of your identity wherever you’re going. You can leave everything behind except for for the three important things: an adequate amount of cash, your phone, and identification cards. Now, you will only need to carry two things, as your IDs can now be saved on your smartphones.

IDBuddy is your virtual ID Manager app that can store all of your identification cards in any Android or iOS phones. Want to learn more about IDBuddy? Click here to check out what Shalene wrote on Purple Pieces blog.

Purple Pieces IDBuddy

IDBuddy on Sense-And-Fashion

For fashionistas, showing their personal style is a must—the reason why they have to create a look that can delineate themselves from the thousands of fashion bloggers all over the world.  What better way to make yourself standout than carrying a piece of your identity. With IDBuddy, you will no longer need to carry all your identification cards. Just download the app, and IDBuddy will help you manage all of your IDs.

Cess from Sense-And-Fashion blog seems to agree on IDBuddy’s sleek functionality that is why she allowed us to have a feature on her website. Click here to read the full IDBuddy feature.


Lacey Fashionista: Every Girl Needs An IDBuddy App

Another fashion blogger agrees that IDBuddy is an essential tool to their everyday life. It allows them to carry a piece of their identity without compromising their sense of style. No more bulky bags and wallets with the help of the IDBuddy app.

Check out Maria Hazel’s blog to see the technological perks of IDBuddy to fashionistas like her.

Maria Hazel - Blog

IDBuddy: The solution to every fashion blogger’s dilemma

Fashion bloggers have the most demanding schedules—from everyday outfit shoots, events, updating their blogs, to shoots for product endorsements.  Some bloggers even manage their own fashion line or online stores, making it more reasonable if they go to an event without an identification card. Plus, these online fashion icons change their purses almost everyday to match their outfits– the common reason why they leave some of their valuables behind.

To save any fashion blogger’s dilemma, IDBuddy is there to help.

“As long as I have my smartphone, coin purse and handkerchief, then I’m good to go. Good thing I discover IDBuddy, I don’t have to worry anymore if I have my IDs with me. IDBuddy definitely fits my lifestyle..very essential for everyday use. ” —Lyka De Leon.

Click here for Lyka’s full review of IDBuddy.

IDBuddy - Your 24-7 ID Manager - LyStyle Project

Indulge and Divulge the IDBuddy App

Young professionals have the busiest schedules these days. Demanding work load, parties from different parts of the Metro, and fun events to attend—the list is endless! Eventful days are the common reason why some people forget to secure their precious identification cards.

Carrying an identification card is necessary; good thing Applabs Digital Studios created an app to solve the identity woes. No more identity crisis will ever occur when you have the IDBuddy app, and Elaine Verri from Indulge-Divulge seems to agree. Want to know why? Click on this link so I can divulge the details.

 Indulge.Divulge (IDBuddy by Applabs Digital Studios)

With IDBuddy, you can bring your identification cards no matter where you are. Visit the website of IDBuddy here to savor the indulgence of the IDBuddy app.