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Not On My Own Anymore Meets Maddie and Matt

The young advocate’s environmental reminders have reached the consciousness of another mom blogger who featured Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth.

Ms. Sarah Bucu shared her sincerest thoughts about planet conservation and how she finds the app informative and helpful.  Maddie and Matt will continue to teach kids by showing them ways to contribute in saving mother earth.


ADSI would like to thank Ms. Sarah for giving some of her time with us and for approving with the application’s goal in spreading ecological awareness.

Check out the full review here to know more of the inspiring insights of Not On My Own Anymore the day she met Maddie and Matt.


Pinay Mommy Adreamer Encourages Other Parents to Support Maddie and Matt’s Safe World

The vulnerability of children makes them an easy target for various hazards that may occur. Keeping these little angels safe is a challenging task for parents who are trying to guard them 24/7. To ease the minds of every parent, Maddie and Matt’s Safe World is here to provide kids with helpful information that will educate them about safety and alertness.

ADSI would like to thank Ms. Renz Alcantara, author and owner of Pinay Mommy Adreamer for supporting Filipino made applications like the Maddie and Matt’s series.

Children’s Ultimate Bodyguards - Pinay Mommy ADreamer

Never leave your kids off-guard, read full post here to find out Maddie and Matt’s suggestion in keeping your children safe from possible hazards.

CarCrazee Featured on Apppicker!

Another non-profit app review site has recently featured CarCrazee! For Rebecca MacLary, CarCrazee “gives you a chance to connect with other people who share your same taste”. And that’s exactly what CarCrazee is supposed to be: A social networking application for car enthusiasts.

CarCrazee app review Apppicker

We certainly appreciate the feature. Read the rest of the article here.