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ADSI Is Partaking In The National ICT Summit 2013

Fortifying our ties with reputable government alliances and top-tier companies is always stable in the company’s trajectory. And to further build up our partnerships and app development faculty, ADSI is taking part in the National ICT Summit 2013. The event, which adheres to the theme “Inclusive ICT Towards A Smarter Philippines”, will be held at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria on the 25th and 26th of June, 2013.

The National ICT Summit will be hosted by the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO), Chief Information Officers Forum (CIOF), Chief Information Officers Forum Foundation (CIOFF), and a string of notable ICT sponsors, partners, and exhibitors including ADSI. The two-day event will serve as a culminating activity heralding the National ICT Month. Other major events that will take place in the summit include the launching of the e-Government Masterplan, a streamline of the iGovPhil Project, ICT Security Conference (headed by the CIOFF), and interactive forums.

The main program will welcome the presence of RP President Benigno Aquino III as he delivers the Keynote Address and other progressive schemes for the government. His Excellency will also foreground the presentation of the MITHI and the e-Government Portal, as well as the discussion of policies and agenda akin to the nation’s ICT industry.

The celebration of the National ICT Month will bring together an assembly of ICT confederates, CIOF members, LGUs, and representatives from private sectors among others. This event will serve as a podium for ADSI to set about their current and forthcoming products and services including the Intelligent Community Health Team (iCHT).

ADSI’s participation in this event hopes to fuel the foundation of the company and to foster their strategic partnerships to a greater extent. This event will open opportunities not only to the app innovator’s professional facility, but also to the country’s ICT progression.


ADSI Taps Davao City for Business and R.U.S.H. App System Integration


Manila, Philippines— In pursuit of growth and potential partnership that aims to stimulate the Philippine tourism and economy, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.’s (ADSI) Managing Director Oliver Ian Atienza and Chairman of the Board Azhar Khan travelled to Davao City Investments and Promotions Center on April 29 to May 2, 2013 to inspect and discover new business prospects in the city.

ICT Davao President Bert Barriga, along with some representatives from the City Agricultural Office and Department of Trade and Industry in Davao, proudly discussed the city’s respectable governance and high public safety procedures to the ADSI team. At present, Davao City is also making a name as one of the finest investment destinations in the Philippines. Its opulent agriculture made them as one of the most sought-after business spots in the country. With this, both teams are now looking forward to pursuing ICT and IT-enabled Agricultural business projects that will be beneficial to both ends.

Apart from the agriculture and IT discussion, Mr. Atienza introduced to the Davao City representatives the R.U.S.H. (Responding to Urgency and Swift to Help) app. Davao is identified as the only city that uses the 911 system apart from the United States and Canada. Upon learning the immediate help that the app brings, Davao’s core team – Investment Promotions Specialist Ernest M. Tomas Jr., OIC – City Agriculturist Val Turtur, Davao’s Trade and Industry Development Specialist Lilia D. Silda, City Agriculturist Officer Nenita M. Delos Santos, and Torres Matunog Gevieso Montero & Associates’ Managing Partner Samuel R. Matunog – instantly showed interest to making the R.U.S.H. app a part of the command system in their place.

Meanwhile, some Davao City representatives are expected to visit ADSI’s headquarter on May 10 to further see the daily operations and facilities of the company and discuss the pending partnership and business ventures.

ADSI's Chairman of the Board Mr. Azhar Khan and Managing Director Mr. Oliver Ian Atienza with Davao City Private and Public leaders

ADSI’s Chairman of the Board Mr. Azhar Khan and Managing Director Mr. Oliver Ian Atienza with Davao City Private and Public leaders

ADSI and MyPhone: Building A Strong Alliance

Yet another cutting-edge affiliation has been signed and sealed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. yesterday afternoon, 16th of April 2013. With the intensified demand for coercive mobile applications, businesses relying on modern technologies are probing other possibilities to satisfy the needs of the tech-savvy audience. Among the companies in search of a radical yet innovative gig to offer their followers is none other than MyPhone.

Having a tight grasp in the field of mobile games and apps creation, MyPhone has sought the help of ADSI to amp up the services they offer to their present and future consumers. Here in the Philippines, MyPhone is the leading brand of local handheld devices that pioneered the use of dual sim mobile devices. Now that the company is on the verge of releasing the latest models under their smartphone roster, MyPhone users should expect a generous surprise from the expert collaboration between the app innovator and the smart devices virtuoso.

And to legitimize the promising projects that are being planned out by the two companies, ADSI’s Managing Director Oliver Ian Atienza and MyPhone’s President Jaime Alcantara headed the contract signing held at ADSI’s headquarters in Eastwood City, Libis. Bearing witness to the event were Lea Clarisse Labao of ADSI and Kurt Ugas of MyPhone alongside other representatives from both parties.

Their common principal goal of maximizing every user’s experience with the up and coming mobile units has given birth to MyPhone Live, a preloaded application on all MyPhone smart devices. It acts as a content portal containing various human interests ranging from sports, gadgets, lifestyle, and fresh off the oven international news.

The Android development team of ADSI meticulously finished the said application together with ten gaming applications tagged under the name “Pinoy Apps” which will also be preinstalled on MyPhone devices.

With the changing times and fast-paced shifts of the technological world, there are endless possibilities for both ADSI and MyPhone. One thing’s for sure, though, their mutual concession holds a great potential that can boost ADSI’s credibility. Moreover, it can assist both companies in further shaping the future of consumer-based mobile applications.

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Nurse Ivy Blogs About EnviroPop!

Leave it to a registered nurse and health nut to promote WWF-Philippines and AppLabs Digital Studios’ environmental app EnviroPop. Nurse Ivy of shares useful information about our app, and it feels good to be recommended alongside powerhouse apps like Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Foursquare and even looloo!

Nurse Ivy Blogs

Thank you, Nurse Ivy! We’re glad that you are helping WWF-Philippines spread awareness on Philippine marine life.

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Eccentric Yet Happy Encourages Readers To Download EnviroPop

Miss Christian Melanie Lee of believes we can save our seas while playing EnviroPop. The advocate and blogger has this to say about EnviroPop: “The said app is the initiative of World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines to raise awareness and help fund the conservation programs available for our marine friends. And it was developed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.” (emphasis mine)

EnviroPop Feature - Eccentric Yet Happy

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You too can help us raise funds to help save the Philippines’ marine ecosystem. Download EnviroPop’s full version here.

AppLabs Digital Studios Partners with HP

American multinational I.T. corporation Hewlett Packard provides AppLabs Digital Studios with excellent devices for all its computing needs. From creating engaging videos to programming in Java, HP has us covered!

Our dear chairman, Mr. Azhar Khan, has this to say about HP on record:

Our significant growth in such a short time this year created a big need for us to expand our IT infrastructure. We chose HP based from previous positive experience with the brand. Thanks to the extreme reliability of the HP desktops we use, we’ve been able to deliver high-quality apps on-time. Because of this we also plan to add more HP machines, like servers, and expand our product line to further diversify our offerings, which range from kid’s apps to entertainment and utilities.


The article on AppLabs Digital Studios’ steadfast reliance on HP products first appeared on the Philippine Daily Inquirer back in December. Two online websites then featured the same article, with Pinoy Technologies publishing it a few days ahead of Orange Magazine.

AppLabs Digital Studios record huge growth with HP desktop technology   Pinoy Technologies
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AppLabs Digital Studios Record Huge Growth with HP Desktop Technology   Orange Magazine TV

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ADSI in the March Issue of Gadgets Magazine!

This is very cool!

AppLabs Digital Studios has recently been featured in one of the top tech magazines of the Philippines. The feature recognizes ADSI co-founder Oliver Ian Atienza’s efforts in bringing the Maddie & Matt educational app series to the mobile app market.

Grab you copy of the latest Gadgets magazine today and check out Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners & Values, Maddie & Matt’s Happy Earth and Maddie & Matt’s Safe World. Better yet, just visit the App Store and Google Play to download the free apps for your kids!

Gadget Magazine AppLabs Digital Studios Maddie and Matt Apps