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Petiksmode Chooses To Save Marine Life With EnviroPop

Who would have ever thought that the power of a single choice could bear over the destiny of the entire world?

We use the ocean as an important source for food and we enjoy beaches for many kinds of activities. Yet, how much effort has been poured into letting people know that there are endangered species in the sea that must be saved?

There is a continuous extinction of those marine species caused primarily by our own deeds and our marine environment needs protection if it is to remain healthy and if we are to continue to enjoy what it gives us.

Thus, it all lies solely in our hands to do our part as stewards of nature. As a matter of fact, Petiksmode has joined the sustained campaign to change the mindsets of people to save our marine biodiversity through EnviroPop. Read more about it here.


Now, CHOOSE to make a profound difference and contribute to the marine conservation fund of World Wide Fund for Nature- Philippines for just $0.99. Download EnviroPop app!


Escape Sea Destruction with EnviroPop

Summer is definitely the time for adventures as beach bums start to flock at the beaches to flaunt their picture-perfect beach bodies. Not to mention, most of us during this season tend to spend a day frolicking in the ocean while some just prefer to lay in the sand with a mindless book. All the more, whenever we take the plunge, we become inexplicably happy when we get to spy some pretty amazing species and witness adorable sub-aquatic sights.

Indeed, enjoying recreational time in our natural environment is one of life’s great pleasures. However, we must not overlook the fact that we  need to protect what’s out there before we lose it– our rich marine biodiversity.


A few studies warned us about how the world’s coral reefs and the sea creatures living on it continuously faces a grim future. Of course, we are the ones responsible in saving it from its total deterioration. That’s why this summer, when you hit rock-bottom, on a 36-degree-plus day while you’re stuck on an un-air-conditioned transportation vehicle, it’s better to spend a bit of your time in playing an engaging app with a cause. EnviroPop, anyone?

The Escape Blog team just hopped on the bandwagon and featured this time pressured puzzler that can help in saving our marine biodiversity. Dive in and read more about it here.

With just $0.99, we can “escape” sea destruction with EnviroPop. Download it now and make your summer vacay much worthwhile!

Greenkick Says “Green Your Gaming With EnviroPop!”

There are a number of marine species that need major attention because they are facing great risk of extinction in the wild. One marine animal that is quite vulnerable to extinction is the sea cow, also commonly known as the dugong.

The dugong faces a large threat of being nearly extinct because people hunt them down for their oil and meat. Also, because these herbivorous animals depend solely on sea grass for their sustenance, the degradation of submerged plantation affects their feeding habit. Their slow reproduction rate adds to the reasons why these underwater wonders might be wiped out soon if people continue to neglect their kind.

The protection and preservation of the dugong is on WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation slate, and together with the help from ADSI, getting this safeguarding program funded will soon be achieved. ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ EnviroPop app promises to aid the alarming condition of our marine biodiversity. Joining this environmental advocacy is Ms. Michele Partridge of green blog Greenkick! We are thanking Ms. Michele for advocating an environmental app and for being a part of this endeavor. Read her full feature here.


Download EnviroPop on the App Store now and start greening your gaming while also saving the marine animals!

Eccentric Yet Happy Encourages Readers To Download EnviroPop

Miss Christian Melanie Lee of believes we can save our seas while playing EnviroPop. The advocate and blogger has this to say about EnviroPop: “The said app is the initiative of World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines to raise awareness and help fund the conservation programs available for our marine friends. And it was developed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.” (emphasis mine)

EnviroPop Feature - Eccentric Yet Happy

Read the rest of her post here.

You too can help us raise funds to help save the Philippines’ marine ecosystem. Download EnviroPop’s full version here.

The Capricious Club Supports EnviroPop

Nature’s problems cannot be resolved on its own. Mother Nature is need of our compassionate hearts and helping hands now that it is at risk of annihilation.

Further damage can be avoided if we act fast. However, not everyone have the luxury of time to volunteer in cleaning up the impaired elements. WWF-Philippines heard your concerns so they’ve added a bonus that you’ll surely enjoy.  By downloading EnviroPop from the App Store for $0.99, users will be able to share a favorable amount to help save the marine biodiversity of the Philippines. You’ll get to learn through the Enviropedia, play with the EnviroPop characters, while contributing to WWF-Philippines.

By telling your friends to download the app, you are helping spread word of this earth-friendly advocacy app. Helping us gather numerous downloads to save our marine treasures is one of the country’s top fashion blogger, Bestie Konisis. Chi-chi and friends were thrilled that Bestie helped them shape up their homes for a better marine biodiversity.

EnviroPop- The Capricious Club

Click here to see what Bestie posted on her blog.

EnviroPop Swims To The Swirls and Scribbles Blog

Aby, the blogger/”scribbler” behind the Swirls and Scribbles blog was smitten by EnviroPop’s gameplay and mission in nurturing the marine biodiversity. She revealed the details of the EnviroPop app to her readers to spread word about its desire to restore the nature’s wonders. With one EnviroPop app download from the App Store, we can have fun alongside our participation in caring for our planet.

Numerous iOS have given their donations just by simply downloading from the App Store, but what about the Android users? Leave all your worries behind as EnviroPop will swim to your Android phones soon. Chi-Chi the Panda and friends are excited to play with you so watch out for it!

“I can’t wait for it! I will download it as soon as possible at the same time I can also help the endangered species and the planet earth.”Aby; Swirls and Scribbles

Download Enviropop App To Help WWF-Philippines ~ Swirls and Scribbles - the mysteries of her world

For the meantime, let’s catch Aby’s thoughts about Enviropop by going to this page.

Help Save The Nature With The EnviroPop App

The unfortunate incident in Tubbataha Reef, Palawan created a huge rave all over the world. Due to miscalculation, damage was caused to the internationally recognized wonder of nature. People have voiced out their yearnings to take part in refurbishing Tubbataha Reef. Now, with the help of the EnviroPop app, you can contribute in saving the marine gems while having fun in a time-pressure game.

Of course all of us can’t go all the way to Palawan or Bicol to clean up the seas, that’s why WWF will do that for us through this app. In order for WWF to go to the homes of our sea friends, we all have to help them by downloading the full Enviropop app at just $0.99 (roughly Php40). ” –Lai; Hey It’s Lai.

Explore Lai’s thoughts on EnviroPop here.

Traffic buster - Street Thoughts

Help clean up the marine biodiversity by downloading the EnviroPop app from the App Store now.