Earnest Parenting Features EnviroPop

A million thanks to Amy of Earnest Parenting for her undying support in our applications. From Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth to ReMINEd and now EnviroPop. ADSI is really thankful because she always makes it a point to include our creations on her website. Again, thank you.

Earnest Parenting EnviroPop App Review

EnviroPop, which is an iOS time pressured puzzle game application, is designed not only to entertain its users but to educate them as well on how they can save the environment. For only $0.99, EnviroPop fanatics are entitled to explore the app’s full features and lend a hand in funding the conservation programs of WWF-Philippines. Indeed, EnviroPop allows its users to rescue some endangered sea creatures from a number of hazardous elements invading the marine life virtually and literally. Amazing, right?

Need more details? Then, check out Amy’s complete post here.

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