ADSI and MyPhone: Building A Strong Alliance

Yet another cutting-edge affiliation has been signed and sealed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. yesterday afternoon, 16th of April 2013. With the intensified demand for coercive mobile applications, businesses relying on modern technologies are probing other possibilities to satisfy the needs of the tech-savvy audience. Among the companies in search of a radical yet innovative gig to offer their followers is none other than MyPhone.

Having a tight grasp in the field of mobile games and apps creation, MyPhone has sought the help of ADSI to amp up the services they offer to their present and future consumers. Here in the Philippines, MyPhone is the leading brand of local handheld devices that pioneered the use of dual sim mobile devices. Now that the company is on the verge of releasing the latest models under their smartphone roster, MyPhone users should expect a generous surprise from the expert collaboration between the app innovator and the smart devices virtuoso.

And to legitimize the promising projects that are being planned out by the two companies, ADSI’s Managing Director Oliver Ian Atienza and MyPhone’s President Jaime Alcantara headed the contract signing held at ADSI’s headquarters in Eastwood City, Libis. Bearing witness to the event were Lea Clarisse Labao of ADSI and Kurt Ugas of MyPhone alongside other representatives from both parties.

Their common principal goal of maximizing every user’s experience with the up and coming mobile units has given birth to MyPhone Live, a preloaded application on all MyPhone smart devices. It acts as a content portal containing various human interests ranging from sports, gadgets, lifestyle, and fresh off the oven international news.

The Android development team of ADSI meticulously finished the said application together with ten gaming applications tagged under the name “Pinoy Apps” which will also be preinstalled on MyPhone devices.

With the changing times and fast-paced shifts of the technological world, there are endless possibilities for both ADSI and MyPhone. One thing’s for sure, though, their mutual concession holds a great potential that can boost ADSI’s credibility. Moreover, it can assist both companies in further shaping the future of consumer-based mobile applications.

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