The Little Green Playpen Supports EnviroPop

Another eco-friendly mom blogger cited ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ EnviroPop app as an effective device to raise awareness regarding the threatened sea animals. The Little Green Playpen’s Green Mama commends EnviroPop for being “a great tool to teach kids about protecting the environment and our sea life.”

EnviroPop aims to save marine animals that are vulnerable to extinction. One of these marine animals is the whale shark which faces danger due to habitat deterioration and over-fishing. People capture whale sharks for their meat and oil because it poses high demand on the international market. These acts are just some of the abusive practices that WWF-Philippines hopes to inhibit.

Click here to read more of Green Mama’s feature about EnviroPop app! We are thanking Green Mama for participating in this endeavor and for helping us spread the word!


Download EnviroPop on the App Store


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