Petiksmode Chooses To Save Marine Life With EnviroPop

Who would have ever thought that the power of a single choice could bear over the destiny of the entire world?

We use the ocean as an important source for food and we enjoy beaches for many kinds of activities. Yet, how much effort has been poured into letting people know that there are endangered species in the sea that must be saved?

There is a continuous extinction of those marine species caused primarily by our own deeds and our marine environment needs protection if it is to remain healthy and if we are to continue to enjoy what it gives us.

Thus, it all lies solely in our hands to do our part as stewards of nature. As a matter of fact, Petiksmode has joined the sustained campaign to change the mindsets of people to save our marine biodiversity through EnviroPop. Read more about it here.


Now, CHOOSE to make a profound difference and contribute to the marine conservation fund of World Wide Fund for Nature- Philippines for just $0.99. Download EnviroPop app!


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