Escape Sea Destruction with EnviroPop

Summer is definitely the time for adventures as beach bums start to flock at the beaches to flaunt their picture-perfect beach bodies. Not to mention, most of us during this season tend to spend a day frolicking in the ocean while some just prefer to lay in the sand with a mindless book. All the more, whenever we take the plunge, we become inexplicably happy when we get to spy some pretty amazing species and witness adorable sub-aquatic sights.

Indeed, enjoying recreational time in our natural environment is one of life’s great pleasures. However, we must not overlook the fact that we  need to protect what’s out there before we lose it– our rich marine biodiversity.


A few studies warned us about how the world’s coral reefs and the sea creatures living on it continuously faces a grim future. Of course, we are the ones responsible in saving it from its total deterioration. That’s why this summer, when you hit rock-bottom, on a 36-degree-plus day while you’re stuck on an un-air-conditioned transportation vehicle, it’s better to spend a bit of your time in playing an engaging app with a cause. EnviroPop, anyone?

The Escape Blog team just hopped on the bandwagon and featured this time pressured puzzler that can help in saving our marine biodiversity. Dive in and read more about it here.

With just $0.99, we can “escape” sea destruction with EnviroPop. Download it now and make your summer vacay much worthwhile!

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