Anneskie Blabs: The EnviroPop App

Another blogger shows her support to ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ brainchild, EnviroPop. For those who are not familiar with it yet, EnviroPop is an iOS time-pressured puzzle game application that features a number of endangered sea creatures and the toxic wastes that threat the marine life. In short, this app is not only designed to offer an exciting gameplay but to deliver a special message as well, which we all should know.

Mother Earth provides us with our essential needs and I bet it’s time to give back and show our love to our environment. Let’s start by saving our underwater friends and the marine biodiversity through the use of EnviroPop. Go ahead and download it today!

Again, special thanks to Anneskie for helping the team in spreading and sharing this good news to her readers. To know more details about EnviroPop, please visit her complete post here.

Anneskie EnviroPop App Review


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