Greenkick Says “Green Your Gaming With EnviroPop!”

There are a number of marine species that need major attention because they are facing great risk of extinction in the wild. One marine animal that is quite vulnerable to extinction is the sea cow, also commonly known as the dugong.

The dugong faces a large threat of being nearly extinct because people hunt them down for their oil and meat. Also, because these herbivorous animals depend solely on sea grass for their sustenance, the degradation of submerged plantation affects their feeding habit. Their slow reproduction rate adds to the reasons why these underwater wonders might be wiped out soon if people continue to neglect their kind.

The protection and preservation of the dugong is on WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation slate, and together with the help from ADSI, getting this safeguarding program funded will soon be achieved. ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ EnviroPop app promises to aid the alarming condition of our marine biodiversity. Joining this environmental advocacy is Ms. Michele Partridge of green blog Greenkick! We are thanking Ms. Michele for advocating an environmental app and for being a part of this endeavor. Read her full feature here.


Download EnviroPop on the App Store now and start greening your gaming while also saving the marine animals!

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