Maddie and Matt Visits My Other Nook

It’s summertime! Kids are free from school once again. Parents must be thinking of bringing their little ones in different places for sure-most likely the beach or province. However, we must secure the safety of everybody especially our children before we plan for a long trip.

In today’s technology based world, Applabs Digital Studios Inc. and KidApps Inc. thought of an activity that will equip the minds of little boys and girls from facing undesirable scenarios through modern innovation.

Known as Maddie and Matt’s Safe World, the free educational application contains interactive features that will teach and prepare kids in this world full of possible threats.

My Other Nook

Kids can now be safe whenever they go out. Thank you Ms. Michelle for being one with Maddie and Matt’s aim in educating kids the different safety techniques. Read My Other Nook’s complete post here.

Like Maddie and Matt’s Facebook page and follow their Twitter account for more updates. Have a safe trip this summer!

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