AppLabs Digital Studios Partners with HP

American multinational I.T. corporation Hewlett Packard provides AppLabs Digital Studios with excellent devices for all its computing needs. From creating engaging videos to programming in Java, HP has us covered!

Our dear chairman, Mr. Azhar Khan, has this to say about HP on record:

Our significant growth in such a short time this year created a big need for us to expand our IT infrastructure. We chose HP based from previous positive experience with the brand. Thanks to the extreme reliability of the HP desktops we use, we’ve been able to deliver high-quality apps on-time. Because of this we also plan to add more HP machines, like servers, and expand our product line to further diversify our offerings, which range from kid’s apps to entertainment and utilities.


The article on AppLabs Digital Studios’ steadfast reliance on HP products first appeared on the Philippine Daily Inquirer back in December. Two online websites then featured the same article, with Pinoy Technologies publishing it a few days ahead of Orange Magazine.

AppLabs Digital Studios record huge growth with HP desktop technology   Pinoy Technologies
Read the rest of the article here:

AppLabs Digital Studios Record Huge Growth with HP Desktop Technology   Orange Magazine TV

Read the rest of the article here:

To the webmasters and writers who supported us, thank you so much!

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