EnviroPop Lands on One Step at a Time

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.” – One Step at a Time. It’s true, you can never go farther and reach your target destination unless you’re brave enough to move forward and take that one little step. Agree?

Just like the blog’s tagline, the same goes for our desire to really help in protecting and saving Mother Earth. It’s so easy to utter our deepest support to various campaigns concerning the environment, but in reality only a few people have the real courage to perform their part and make concrete actions. Sad but true.

Are you eager to make a change? Do you want to help in saving the marine life for instance? If your answer is a big “Yes!”, then here’s a quick way to conveniently do your part as a responsible citizen. How? Just download EnviroPop full version for only $0.99 or around PHP 40.00. That’s right, for every purchase of EnviroPop you get to help in protecting our underwater friends because the proceeds of the app will go directly to the marine conservation programs of WWF-Philippines.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a copy of EnviroPop this instant and be an advocate of change.

What more information about EnviroPop? Visit Kath’s page for more deets.

One Step at a Time  EnviroPop App Review

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