The Capricious Club Supports EnviroPop

Nature’s problems cannot be resolved on its own. Mother Nature is need of our compassionate hearts and helping hands now that it is at risk of annihilation.

Further damage can be avoided if we act fast. However, not everyone have the luxury of time to volunteer in cleaning up the impaired elements. WWF-Philippines heard your concerns so they’ve added a bonus that you’ll surely enjoy.  By downloading EnviroPop from the App Store for $0.99, users will be able to share a favorable amount to help save the marine biodiversity of the Philippines. You’ll get to learn through the Enviropedia, play with the EnviroPop characters, while contributing to WWF-Philippines.

By telling your friends to download the app, you are helping spread word of this earth-friendly advocacy app. Helping us gather numerous downloads to save our marine treasures is one of the country’s top fashion blogger, Bestie Konisis. Chi-chi and friends were thrilled that Bestie helped them shape up their homes for a better marine biodiversity.

EnviroPop- The Capricious Club

Click here to see what Bestie posted on her blog.


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