EnviroPop Sets Foot In The HardwareZone

The effervescent crashing of the waves onto the shore is one of the wonders that Mother Nature exhibits every single day, no matter the time. Its soft touches are capturing the hearts of countless individuals while they are being enveloped with genuine awestruck. But through the years, as the sea becomes a hub for profit, destruction caused by merciless souls are finally taking its toll on not just its state per se but to the ones thriving in it.

With our daily lives consumed with trivial things, it’s hard enough as it is to have time for ourselves much more to start volunteering with environmental programs. But if you want a way to still contribute to our nature’s salvation, then you can do so with the help of your smartphone and the EnviroPop app by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines)!

Just like what Katrina Canlas of HardwareZone.com Philippines said, “[EnviroPop] offers an enjoyable way to learn how to minimize the dangers to marine life as you play through the game.” Do check out her full post by clicking here.

For $0.99, you can save and protect the endangered sea creatures living in the Philippine waters as the fund from the paid downloads will head to WWF’s marine conservation fund. But there’s also a lite version of the app, by the way.

hardwarezone features enviropop


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