Bubblegum Basics Evaluates EnviroPop

“[EnviroPop] is cute, educational, entertaining, and affordable”, says Ela of Bubblegum Basics. And she’s right! ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ time-pressured puzzle app dubbed as EnviroPop is indeed an amusing and addicting game application. But aside from its fascinating gameplay, it’s especially designed to create a big impact in our society for “it’s an app for a good cause”.

Bubblegum Basics EnviroPop App Review

I bet all of you are aware now of the environmental issues hitting our land, air, and water resources. It’s truly depressing and alarming at the same time. Good thing, though, ADSI and WWF-Philippines are both committed to protecting our natural resources and saving Mother Earth. Hence, EnviroPop is developed.

Did you know that for every purchase of EnviroPop (Full version for only Php 40.00 or $0.99), you’ll be able to help in funding the marine conservation programs of WWF-Philippines? Yes, that’s right! You can now save our underwater friends virtually and literally as well. Amazing, right?

Don’t waste a minute longer. Download EnviroPop today!

Know the rest of Ela’s thoughts here.

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