EnviroPop App Found Inside Matt’s Cradle

The marine biodiversity is in ever-greater danger caused by the acts of humans and apparently, we are not that conscious enough that we actually contribute to its destruction just for the sake of our own survival. We are indeed part of those factors that threaten the future sustainability of marine species and ecosystems.

The good thing is that, now, we can turn everything the other way around. After all, it is never too late to stop the exploitation of the seas. ADSI actually found an effective way of protecting the marine biodiversity at Matt’s Cradle. Take a peek here.


By availing the EnviroPop app in your mobile devices, you can help out World Wide Fund for Nature–Philippines who’s actively campaigning against the barrage of threats to the sea.

This app isn’t just an engaging tap and swipe game but it is also informative as users may access facts about the various underwater endangered species through Enviropedia and learn about the pesky materials that destroys the marine biodiversity such as trawl nets, cyanide bottles, oil drums, PET bottles, oil drums, and dynamites.

Join in the advocacy of protecting the deteriorating marine ecosystem. Download it on your iOS devices for $0.99 or try its Lite version for free.


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