EnviroPop Lands A Spot on BBiPhones.com!

Looking at pictures of nature then and now, one can easily observe the changes that has happened over a short period of time–too bad that it’s for the worst. Undeniably, the blame’s on us, so it’s time to give back and salvage what has been destroyed before it becomes too late. For years, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is continuously fighting to get that environmental balance that our Mother Nature clearly needs and we should all be thankful of their selfless efforts.

Now, with the help of the EnviroPop app that’s created through the partnership of WWF-Philippines and AppLabs Digital Studios Inc., more people can donate to WWF’s marine conservation fund and they’ll even get an entertaining application in return! EnviroPop is available in the Apple App Store for $0.99. Take note that your money will head straight to the fund so know that you’ll be one of the catalyst for change.

The game is pretty simple but it’s also addictive! A player will have to tap on the harmful materials that causes the devastation of marine wildlife and swipe them out of the way to gather enough points within the 60-second mark of the game. Wanna give it a go? Then download EnviroPop now!

Get to know more about EnviroPop and its features by reading the post on BBiPhones here.

bbiphones features enviropop

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