EnviroPop Swims To The Swirls and Scribbles Blog

Aby, the blogger/”scribbler” behind the Swirls and Scribbles blog was smitten by EnviroPop’s gameplay and mission in nurturing the marine biodiversity. She revealed the details of the EnviroPop app to her readers to spread word about its desire to restore the nature’s wonders. With one EnviroPop app download from the App Store, we can have fun alongside our participation in caring for our planet.

Numerous iOS have given their donations just by simply downloading from the App Store, but what about the Android users? Leave all your worries behind as EnviroPop will swim to your Android phones soon. Chi-Chi the Panda and friends are excited to play with you so watch out for it!

“I can’t wait for it! I will download it as soon as possible at the same time I can also help the endangered species and the planet earth.”Aby; Swirls and Scribbles

Download Enviropop App To Help WWF-Philippines ~ Swirls and Scribbles - the mysteries of her world

For the meantime, let’s catch Aby’s thoughts about Enviropop by going to this page.


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