Climate Adaptation Features EnviroPop

Only a few population of the world take the alarming status of our environment seriously. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they’d rather have someone else do it for them.

This is one of the reasons why the alliance between WWF-Philippines and ADSI to bring forth an environmental app happens to be very timely and excellent. For a single download of the EnviroPop app, people can easily contribute to the conservation of our marine biodiversity even when they’re just at home or with their friends. EnviroPop also educates people about the marine animals that are closely facing extinction because of marine pollutants and man’s own illicit actions.

ADSI is thankful that environmental blog Climate Adaptation is one with us in imparting the message of EnviroPop. Click here to view Michael Cote’s feature of EnviroPop on Climate Adaptation.

Climate Adaptation

We are thanking Mr. Michael Cote of Climate Adaptation for promoting EnviroPop and for being a catalyst against nature imbalance.

We can all do our part in conserving the marine life by downloading EnviroPop on the App Store now. Proceeds will sail directly to WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation program fund.


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