Adventures on Planet Mom Champions EnviroPop!

It is pressing for parents to choose and supervise the games that their kids usually play. Kids today are as knowledgeable about modern tech as teens and adults. Most parents aren’t always present to oversee their kids’ activities, but they are still lucky that there are some apps and games made to educate kids and teach them one of the most important things that they must learn: protecting Mother Earth.

EnviroPop was featured very recently on Adventures on Planet Mom. For Planet Mom, it is important that she keeps an eye on what her 2-year old son is playing on her smart phone. That is the reason why Planet Mom advocates having ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ collaboration app on every mom’s iOS device. Not only your kids can get valuable entertainment from the app, but they will also acquire plenty of knowledge from EnviroPedia and our cuddlesome underwater friends!

Click here to read the rest of Planet Mom’s latest adventure.


We are thanking Ms. Tyna for supporting EnviroPop and for allowing her kids to earn important learning from the environmental app.

Like Planet Mom, get EnviroPop now on the App Store so your kids can have an inkling of what they must do in the years ahead of their junior time. Not only you’ll supply knowledge to your kids, but you can also take part in saving our marine biodiversity.

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