Help Save The Nature With The EnviroPop App

The unfortunate incident in Tubbataha Reef, Palawan created a huge rave all over the world. Due to miscalculation, damage was caused to the internationally recognized wonder of nature. People have voiced out their yearnings to take part in refurbishing Tubbataha Reef. Now, with the help of the EnviroPop app, you can contribute in saving the marine gems while having fun in a time-pressure game.

Of course all of us can’t go all the way to Palawan or Bicol to clean up the seas, that’s why WWF will do that for us through this app. In order for WWF to go to the homes of our sea friends, we all have to help them by downloading the full Enviropop app at just $0.99 (roughly Php40). ” –Lai; Hey It’s Lai.

Explore Lai’s thoughts on EnviroPop here.

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Help clean up the marine biodiversity by downloading the EnviroPop app from the App Store now.

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