Play A Game, Save The Sea

Environmental obstruction brought about by humans is a major issue confronting Mother Earth. So much has been said on how to conserve it but really, little has been done to address the numerous environmental issues we’re facing over the years. There have been campaigns about illegal logging however one of the major issues people often overlook is the continuous destruction of our marine biodiversity.

Now, aspiring for a significant change with the aid of technology, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) collaborated with AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. with a mission to spread awareness on how to minimize threats to marine life


Don’t let the extinction of our little sea creatures happen. As early as now, help by chipping in a cost of one cheeseburger at McDonald’s to the marine conservation fund of WWF-Philippines and avail the EnviroPop app. It’s much beneficial to contribute to the campaign rather than getting a hefty amount of calories from munching a cheeseburger. Kisty, the Style Mermaid, shared about this cute time buster app on her blog. Read more here about how she strongly encourages everyone to take a spin of EnviroPop.

With just this 99-cent app, every single person on the entire planet can help protect the marine creature that’s sustaining our life here on earth. Do your part now and download EnviroPop!

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