GB-SB Tech Blog Supports EnviroPop

Chi-Chi and friends captured the heart of GB-SB Tech Blog– Gilbert, the man behind the GB-SB Tech Blog showed his utmost desire in rescuing the endangered species from the sea hazards by imparting EnviroPop to his readers.

“Guided by WWF’s (World Wide Fund’s) mission, this app offers a fun way of spreading awareness how to save and minimize threats to endangered marine life.” – GB-SB Tech Blog.

With the EnviroPop app, users will learn the effects of hazards to underwater creatures. Additionally, every purchase of EnviroPop full version (iOS) for $0.99 is a contribution to WWF-Philippines’ goal to saving the marine biodiversity.

EnviroPop for iOS, Android - Pinoy Made App to Save Endangered Marine Life - GbSb TEchBlog - Your Daily Pinoy Technology Blog

Thank you GB-SB Tech Blog, for participating in WWF-Philippines and Applabs Digital Studios’ aspiration to save the marine gems of the country.  Click here to read more on GB-SB Tech Blog’s EnviroPop feature.

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