EnviroPop is Part of A Woman’s Story

While I was browsing over the internet, I came across this new word which is WAHM. I’ve never heard of it before but now, I learned that there’s a more meaningful story behind every WAHM or what we refer to as a Work at Home Mom.

Ms. Jovell Alingod of A Woman’s Story is indeed a WAHM on a mission. I guess everyone of us can relate to her. We are here for a mission yet we differ from each other when it comes to passion, priorities and dreams. Agree? For her, working from home and making new connections is part of her mission. Learning about EnviroPop is probably one of the best experiences she encountered – spreading awareness through blogging. As she said, “Now this isn’t just another game. This game has a purpose.”

You too can join in Ms. Jovell, ADSI and WWF-Philippines‘ mission of spreading awareness in saving our marine life by simply downloading EnviroPop Full Version on iTunes App Store. For only $0.99 (around P40), a little amount will contribute to a big difference to our marine biodiversity.

Read her full article here and share the good news about EnviroPop.

EnviroPop on A Woman's Story


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