EnviroPop’s “Pattie the Pawikan” Stars On Davao Mommy’s Blog

The Green Sea Turtle or the pawikan is one of the principal sea creatures which balances the marine ecosystem. As green sea turtles flip through sea grass, they help the naturally cropped plants to spread across the seabed. This particular activity of green sea turtles sow the natural habitat for other species underwater. The biotic interaction between sea animals and plants results to a healthy and productive marine turf which makes us, humans, eventually benefit from that underwater abundance. Aren’t the sea and the ocean a huge part of our livelihood and tourism?

Davao Mommy featured ADSI and WWF-Philippines’ gracious brainchild EnviroPop on her blog recently. She shared to her readers how we can contribute to our damaged aquatic environment through the app. Read her full feature here.


We are thanking Ms. Maan Laxa for supporting this environmental cause, and for being one with AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and WWF-Philippines.

We have too much time on our hands to engage ourselves in a good, charitable cause. Download EnviroPop on the App Store now and start doing your part!


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