IDBuddy: Your Identity Inside Your Smartphones

Looking for a job is difficult. You may find one that suits you, but the crunch will not simply call off. The company will require heaps of documents before you start working for them– certificates, permits, and a number of identification cards. But, what if you left your IDs at home?

There is no need to rush home to fetch your IDs, there’s an IDBuddy app to assist you when an identity crisis kicks off. With IDBuddy, all of your identification cards will be securely kept inside your smartphones no matter where you go.

IDBuddy by Applabs Digital Studios is one of the best apps for today’s generation. It functions as a utility app that will help you carry a piece of your identity in just one touch of a button.” – Joyce; Emerald-Princess

Emerald Princess

Click here to check out the IDBuddy feature from Emerald-Princess.

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