EnviroPop Is On 148apps!

EnviroPop has continuously been gathering the positive attention of app mongers and bloggers from all over the world! As more and more individuals are seeing the fantastic cause behind the compelling application created under the collaboration of AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, 148apps jumped in to the bandwagon and saved a space for EnviroPop in their sought-after website.

Thank you for the team behind 148apps for posting about EnviroPop! They did not just publish one post because they have featured both versions of the app namely the paid and the lite version. Read more about EnviroPop on their website by clicking here and here.

148apps features EnviroPop

By virtually saving the endangered marine creatures on the game with the use of a tap-and-swipe motion, players can start acquainting themselves with the idea that indeed, our waters need all the help it can get. The app’s Enviropedia will surely fill in the spaces of all the questions about the six aquatic animals in the Philippines that are on the brink of extinction plus a special participation of Chi Chi the Panda, WWF’s trusty mascot.

Download the paid app now to contribute to WWF’s marine conservation fund! It’s available in the App Store for $0.99!


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