Online Mommy’s Corner: Let’s Save the Sea! Let’s Play EnviroPop!

Parents always want the best for their children especially when it comes to education. However, during the early years of a child, it’s a difficult task to instill in our children the importance of the things that surrounds us – our environment. Instead of worrying, why don’t we let our children enjoy playing while learning some facts about the marine life. Since they are fond of cute and cuddly animals, EnviroPop would be the best tool that will aid our children when it comes to marine conservation.

Ms. Mylene Rabago, a mother and a blogger of Online Mommy’s Corner was very pleased to be part of this advocacy. She said, “This game is very wholesome and educational, you can allow your kiddos to play it.”

To learn more about EnviroPop, read her full article here.

EnviroPop on Online Mommy's Corner

You too can become part of this advocacy! Download EnviroPop Full Version now and your $0.99 (around P40) will bring waves of good will to WWF-Philippines‘ marine conservation programs.

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