Jcyberinux Tags EnviroPop As An “Awesome Marine Awareness Game”

We’ve been having our way with underwater treasures for years including precious lives of docile creatures, not knowing that our nonchalant hoarding is taking its negative toll on the state of our aquatic gold mine. Thousands of innocent marine beings are dying of unnatural causes due to our disregard and it’s but just to help them revive themselves and their habitat even through small but continuous efforts. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines has seen the importance of mass action and in line with their call for awareness, they have partnered with us, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc., to create an application that’s best suited for their advocacy.

EnviroPop is ADSI’s latest offer to iOS users that centers on saving the endangered species of Philippine waters from harmful materials that threatens their lives. With a tap-and-swipe game play, everyone can have a go with EnviroPop and enjoy while they’re at it! And according to Jcyberinux, the application can make you learn to appreciate our Mother Earth! Read more of his positive feedback of EnviroPop by checking out his entire post here.

Thank you Jcyberinux for granting our request of featuring EnviroPop on your tech blog! To download and learn more about the app, you can visit its official website by clicking here.

jcyberinux features enviropop


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