Vince Crispaul Talks EnviroPop

EnviroPop is making the rounds lately on different blog sites, and people are taking notice of the app’s good intentions.

Because the environmental application aims to conserve the marine biodiversity through app downloads, bloggers are becoming one with WWF-Philippines and ADSI in spreading the humanitarian effort. “I am Vince Crispaul” is one of the many blog sites who is supporting this environmental program.

With the help from Mrs. Dorry Tan (Vince Crispaul’s mother), the two are able to tackle the marine animals that are disappointingly facing extinction such as whale sharks and green sea turtles. These marine animals are being harmed because of marine pollutants and man’s own misconduct. Read the full feature of EnviroPop here and see how you can participate in this cause.


Join us in making this environmental campaign successful by downloading EnviroPop on the App Store now. For only $0.99 (which will go to WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation program), you’ll be able to save the marine animals even when you’re just sitting at home.


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