A WAHM’s Buggy Life Advocates EnviroPop

The orange clownfish, as famous and endearing as they seem, are one of the many marine species that are being dubbed as “endangered.” Some of the reasons that threaten their existence are destruction of the coral reefs and over-harvesting. Because people recognize the clownfish now as the “Nemo fish”, marine theme parks and exhibits are capturing the clownfish for public spectacle. Ocean acidification is also one of the factors that greatly cause devastation to the habitat of the clownfish.

ADSI and WWF-Philippines brought EnviroPop to smart phone users to spread awareness and educate them about the endangered sea creatures. Through EnviroPop’s Enviropedia feature, people will be informed about the roles of sea creatures in the marine ecosystem.

Blogger Lexi Fernando from A WAHM’s Buggy Life is a self-proclaimed WWF supporter. And because Ms. Lexi believes in all the programs that WWF-Philippines has lined up for marine conservation, she supports the cause through promotion of EnviroPop. Read the feature of EnviroPop here, and like Ms. Lexi, start supporting this cause by downloading EnviroPop on the App Store now.



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