RJMarmol.com Talked About CarCrazee

CarCrazee, a social networking and photo sharing app where automobile enthusiasts congregate, just got featured on RJMarmol.com.

Your hub for the latest and greatest curated content on technology and iPhone app reviews scrutinized the app developed primarily for snap-happy car mod junkies.

Ms. RJ enthusiastically stated, “And in this crazy world of car customization, aren’t we all glad that there is an app for them? Yep, there is! Oh what a relief that the moment your near and dear starts chatting about this so and so model and make, mag sizes, paint jobs and turbo-charging, you can just throw them an iOS device loaded with this app and off they’d go to leave you in peace.

See her full review about CarCrazee here.


So what are you waiting for gearheads? Head on to the iTunes App Store and get CarCrazee for a whopping price of FREE!

One comment

  1. RJ Marmol (@RJMarmol)

    Thank you AppLabs for the link love! 🙂 The WWF app (EnviroPop) review is coming up real soon. I accidentally used up my free plays while tinkering with it at 3AM today. Don’t worry, I intend to buy the paid version anyway because it’s for a good cause. 🙂 Wonderful apps, keep ’em coming!

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