Know More About EnviroPop on DugomPinoy

EnviroPop is unsurprisingly getting our blogger friends’ attention these days. Why not? Aside from being an educational and kid-friendly app, EnviroPop is created for a good cause. This iOS app, coming soon on Android, comes with a full version that is available for only $0.99. And unlike any other apps, the proceeds will be used as funds for the marine conservation programs of WWF-Philippines. Amazing, right?

Itching to know what EnviroPop is all about? Take a peek on the photo below or head over to DugomPinoy’s complete post for more information.

DugomPinoy EnviroPop App Review

On the flip side, ADSI would like to thank Robert of DugomPinoy for featuring our app on his website. A huge thanks to all our readers who have purchased the app as well. You all made Chi-Chi the Panda and our underwater friends really happy.

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