IDBuddy: The solution to every fashion blogger’s dilemma

Fashion bloggers have the most demanding schedules—from everyday outfit shoots, events, updating their blogs, to shoots for product endorsements.  Some bloggers even manage their own fashion line or online stores, making it more reasonable if they go to an event without an identification card. Plus, these online fashion icons change their purses almost everyday to match their outfits– the common reason why they leave some of their valuables behind.

To save any fashion blogger’s dilemma, IDBuddy is there to help.

“As long as I have my smartphone, coin purse and handkerchief, then I’m good to go. Good thing I discover IDBuddy, I don’t have to worry anymore if I have my IDs with me. IDBuddy definitely fits my lifestyle..very essential for everyday use. ” —Lyka De Leon.

Click here for Lyka’s full review of IDBuddy.

IDBuddy - Your 24-7 ID Manager - LyStyle Project


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