Connie’s Notebook Featured The “Green” EnviroPop

Mrs. Connie Vivero-Luayon affirmed the idea of using a mobile application such as EnviroPop to support and fund a cause. Just like this homemaker, everyone seems to be thrilled by the release of this latest edutainment app by ADSI.

Those who are enraptured by the app also highly recommends it to the youngsters and the young-at-hearts alike as it’s meant for the fulfillment of the advocacy of WWF-Philippines‘ effort to protect our marine biodiversity.

Get to know more of what she has shared with her readers and view her full feature about the app here.


EnviroPop, the latest “green”/nature-friendly app offering of ADSI is an addictive, time-pressured puzzle game where users can virtually save undersea creatures from a host of sea hazards.

Check it out on the iTunes App Store in Lite and Full version and see for yourself what everyone is raving about!

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