Read About EnviroPop on Usapang Tekno!

Fronting an adorable user-interface with a goodhearted cause to boot, WWF-Philippines and ADSI’s brainchild called EnviroPop is the latest addictive application you can download in the Apple App Store! Having a hard time believing me? Then head on to Usapang Tekno to read Alexus Pastrana’s thoughts about the said app.

Usapang Tekno, a tech news blog, continuously sports the latest in the industry and provides a new hub for tech maniacs to know the latest about gadgets and gizmos. With one of their posts being all about EnviroPop, we here at ADSI is grateful for the positive feedback on the app meant to save thousands of marine lives. There are two versions available for download namely: Lite and Full ($0.99). Since the app is all about taking care of our underwater friends, proceeds coming from the paid downloads will go to WWF’s marine conservation fund. In short, the tap-and-swipe game will not only have you saving lives virtually but literally as well!

Care to chip in to the fund? Then download EnviroPop now and read all about it on Usapang Tekno by clicking here.

usapang tekno features EnviroPop


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