Shekinah Joy Delights In CarCrazee!

It looks like another CarCrazee appreciator was totally engrossed by the application. The eighteen year old, freelance graphic & web designer, Shekinah Joy just posted about CarCrazee on her personal blog and even affirmed, “I am not a car enthusiast, but I find this app interesting and exciting.”

ADSI truly appreciates Shekinah Joy’s effort to appraise about our flagship car photo sharing application. Indeed, CarCrazee isn’t just for those who are passionate about cars but for those who also apprehends and gets the drift of the purpose of the app. Head over to her blog and see its full feature here.


Just like her, it seems like everyone’s excited for the Android version of the app. So, hold on to your seats Android users and wait for the arrival of this premier car photo sharing app right at your handsets.

Meanwhile, Apple users, what are you still waiting for? Join the bandwagon of those who are nuts about cars and get to experience the ride of your life. After all, CarCrazee is free!

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