Cushlalalalaland Just Can’t Get Enough of EnviroPop!

Acushla, a 14-year old Filipino netizen sure knows how to be genuinely concerned with the Earth’s welfare. ADSI is delighted that she– at her young age– inevitably wants to help WWF- Philippines’ advocacy by great leap and bounds through the aid of EnviroPop.

According to her, “Being Filipinos ourselves, we all know how much the open waters mean to us. If 7,107 islands and all its wonders haven’t taught us enough about nature, well then I’m sure EnviroPop will! Even my four-year-old little sister plays EnviroPop! Haha she really likes the characters in EnviroPop too because its really player/user friendly, and open to all ages.

You see, it’s never too late to be a responsible caretaker of our planet that’s continuously gasping for breath over the years. Even kids of this generation can partake in the sense of urgency to save the environment. Ergo, with EnviroPop –being an avenue to stir a big difference– we can now do our own little share of saving the world we live in specifically the marine life. And what’s more stupendous about it is that you can save the undersea creatures in a fun and interactive way!

Wanna know more of Acushla’s insight about the app? Find more about it here.


EnviroPop app comes in two versions namely: Lite (Free) and Full ($0.99). Don’t be hesitant in shelling out some bucks as proceeds coming from the paid version will go directly to WWF’s marine conservation fund.

Now, join us in our timely response to the alarming state of the only planet we live in and download EnviroPop on your iOS devices. (Don’t worry Android users, it will hit the coast of  Google Play Store very soon!)

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