Have a Taste of ReMINEd

Fashion bloggers all over the metro find our visual wishlist application, ReMINEd, a very promising and interesting app which suits their daily lifestyle that is indeed full of wishes. One proof would be, the entrepreneur/owner of Flipelas and style blogger herself, Ms. Cocaine Young- Go thinks that ReMINEd will be very useful for her. Part of her curiosity about the app, she even allowed me to be a guest blogger on her fabulous blog and share to her awesome readers what ReMINEd has in store for them.

If you’re an avid reader of Ms. Coke’s witty and stylish blog, then you better have a taste of ReMINEd to complete the meal. With ReMINEd, you are sure to be bloated with fulfilled wishes.

To make it more fun, I asked for her wishlist and stored it over my Mine Box! Do you want to know what her heart’s desires are? Dig into more deets on her blog here.

A Taste of ReMINEd on cocaineyoung-go.com

Again, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for Ms. Coke’s kindness in allowing me to take a little space on her blog in sharing the wishful news to her avid readers. Do have a taste of ReMINEd by dropping on the website here.

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