App for Wave 89.1 Coming Soon!

Things are really getting more exciting here at AppLabs Digital Studios, especially now that we are developing a fun app for Wave 89.1, the Philippines’ most influential R&B station.

One of our writers, Raisa Montoya, reports:

“ADSI has set a new wave to the digital revolution as it conquers the field of radio. Touted as the pioneer streaming radio app, Wave 89.1 app offers unlimited high quality R&B music without any interruption. Other features of the app include instant access to Wave 89.1’s latest events and social sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

“Wave 89.1’s Assistant Station Manager, DJ Anne, together with DJ H-Town and DJ Marlon visited ADSI’s headquarters to test the beta app and were ecstatic about it. DJ H-Town even reiterated that the app is the first streaming radio app in the country. Hence, the top radio station is looking forward to offering something fresh to their avid listeners and tech junkies alike.”

Thank you, Wave 89.1, for letting us work with you guys!

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Learn more about the collaboration officially here.

Watch out for the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play!

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